The Len Tyler Music School is an accredited "Colourstrings Music Kindergarten" with qualified and trained teaching staff.  

Year Groups

It provides structured music classes for young children (birth to about 8 years) on a weekly basis. 1.   0-1 year olds
2.   1-2 year olds
Child centred lessons are based on the work of Kodaly (also Dalcoze and Orff). 3.   2-3 year olds
4.   3-4 year olds
The music school meets regularly in Fleet during normal term time on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.   5.   4-5 year olds
6.   5 yrs & above
Children are arranged into year groups based on the academic year. 7.   6 yrs & above
       (by invitation)
For example a child with its second birthday falling between the beginning of September '00 would be placed in the 1-2 year group. 8.   7 yrs & above
       (by invitation)

THESE MUSIC LESSONS will provide an ideal grounding for any child whether intending to learn a musical instrument or just to gain an understanding and love of music.

It is possible to have a child in a higher or lower year group but only if it is considered by the music school and the parent to be in the best long term interest of the child.

The Len Tyler Music School is opening more classes after Easter.  There will be a class for under 2 yrs and a class for 2-3 yrs on a Friday at 11.20 and new classes on Saturday at 9.00 for Year R children and 9.50 for 2-3 yrs and 3-4 yrs (ages as at the beginning of the academic year - Sept 16).  See attached for details or contact the office on 01276 504666 or enquiries@lentylermusicschool. co. uk   Videos can be viewed on our Facebook page www. facebook. com/lentylermusicschool

For further information email  
or Phone 01276 504666

The band is non profit making and undertakes concerts to raise funds for various charities. 

Venues include Crondall Village Hall and the Electric Theatre in Guildford.

We pay for the venues raising funds for charities such as Help for Heroes, v
Combat Stress, The Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance and The Sebastian Action Trust.

We are also looking for new members.

Contact  for more information


VoxSkool! is a professional vocal coaching school based in Fleet, Hampshire headed by leading vocal coach and vocalist Victoria BeeBee.

Their philosophy is to teach aspiring singers to have fun, explore their natural vocal ability and gain experience and confidence as vocalists and as individuals.

Whether you simply just enjoy singing your heart out or may be interested in furthering a career in singing you can achieve it at VoxSkool!

website -


F     D I S T R I C T
L   n                  
E   d   O R G A N      
T       S O C I E T Y  


Fleet and District Organ Society are a small group of enthusiasts who organise organ concerts. They aim to put on two concerts a year. Professional organists are employed and they play a wide range of music plus a wide variety of sounds - sometimes sounding like a full orchestra, sometimes a group and sometimes a solo instrument.

You can be sure of a very warm welcome and entry fees are reasonable.

If you love music why not give it a try?

For more information please contact Christine on 01252 623108