Starburst at the Harlington Centre, Fleet

For many years Starburst produced pantomimes and other shows at the Harlington Centre in Fleet.

Starburst is a registered children’s charity aiming to support children with special needs in the Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire borders.

Starburst Theatre Company was formed in 1991 as a result of successful theatre productions which raised money for local children’s charities.

Over the years, the Theatre Company donated tens of thousands of pounds and so, in 2005 Starburst formed its own registered children’s charity.

Some years ago Starburst moved away from Fleet to Farnborough and severed links with the town and the Harlington Centre. They now perform at the Cody Specialist Sports College in Ballantyne Rd.

If you would like more information, or would like to become a member, please contact Shaun on 01264 360440 or email on or Rosemary on 01252 661360



Some Past Starburst Players

Liz Woodhouse
           Amy Harris       Susanne Harris                                         


    James Kingham       Kirsty Dawson         Shaun Garret


Denise Summerton    Carmen Leather      Michelle Garret


      Andy Grant          James Kingham          Shaun Terry


     Sarah Daley               Eli King              Helen Dickinson


Scenes from Dick Whittington

Reheasal for the Xmas 2002 Panto "Aladdin"