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 Jenny Brooks       Emma Silvester         Torin Bent           Katy Rosser

Under the moonlit sky,
Never-ending happiness.
Feel the wind rushing through my hair.

After dark,
In the car going home,
Remembering the happy day.
But it's gone....
                                                by Holly Jones

Fantastic rides
Upside down
Nervous people
After getting off petrifying rides
I like the
Really scrummy hotdogs.
                                               by Elliot Jenkins


Rosie Littleford     Sam Crewdson      James Clifford        Ayesha Akhtar

Fluff candyfloss stuck to your fingers and mouth.
And games like hook the duck and knock the coconut
Investigating all the prizes to be won.
Rudes full of squealing children.
                                                            by Hannah Miles
The lights
At night twinkle.
Like dazzling diamonds
High above in the pitch black sky.
                               by Tyler Reed


      Bethany              Emily Godolphin      Emma Parkin      Madeleine Supple

Bumper car rides.
Toffee apples crunching.
Smiling faces, shining brightly.
                                  by Samantha Spicer

Fluffy candyfloss being sold
And ice cream, popcorn too.
In and up and around we go.
Rewarding prizes, fun and laughter all day long.
                                    by Bethany Thompson

Fun things to do
Unmistakeable smells of donuts and cakes
Noises all around you.
Fabulous, funny, amusing shows.
Acrobats jump around and fall
Into all sorts of things, and audience boo.
Dogs running around like clowns.
Its sad when you have to leave
                                   by Anthony Dykes

Rainbow lights flash
Smell of candy floss lingers
Children yell on roller coasters
                                                  by Katy Pegg

Look now...
Shining lights appear
Popcorn smells rule the air.
People eating burgers with sauce
                                                by Mitchell Carter

The lights are shimmering
The noise has come
The fairground opens
It's lots of fun.
The candy's eaten
The children are there
And you could win a cuddly bear.
The adults pay
A man lets you in
I went on the carousel
It gave me a spin.
                                     by Steven Janes

The feeling as you approach the carnival
Happiness, anxious and nervous.
Excitement when you've won.
All your friends are there that know your name.
You know you're having fun.
The smell of sugary popcorn
As sweet as can be.

The taste of burgers and hot dogs
Fresh in you mouth.
Dodgems crashing together
The best day out.
Sadly it's time to leave
You just can't wait to come back.
                                                by Amelia Wood

The smell of popcorn as you approach the funfair,
The sound of screaming children on rides
The smell of hot dogs in the Heatherside Junior School
Everything is exciting.

The sound of music from the rides,
The smell of warm ringed doughnuts,
The sound of children laughing and playing
Everything is fun

The smell of salted chips,
The sound of people chatting
The taste of candy floss.
What a wonderful day!
                                                                                                                 by Lauren Niblett

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