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04 Nov 2018 - Work Started on the Garden of Reflection

Fleet Town Council has now started work on building a new Garden of Reflection at Fleet Cemetery.

This will provide a quiet space for remembrance and reflection, to include a new attractive garden for the burial and scattering of ashes, planting memorial trees/bushes and installation of memorials and plaques.

Garden of Remembrance

Over the past few months documentation for a Garden of Remembrance at Fleet Cemetery was put together and during June/July went out to tender. A bid was approved at Council on the 1 3th August - it is therefore scheduled to have the ground works for the first stages of the project completed by the end of September. It is anticipated that the project will be funded by $106 funding and money currently held in an Ear Marked Reserve for this project.

It is hoped that installation of this garden will provide a quiet area for remembrance and reflection as well as improving the overall look of the Cemetery. The work is to be completed in stages - an overview of the proposed memorial garden can be found below: 

Paths and levels, bridges, foundation for focal point, fence to the rear of the new grave area, brick Archway, dry stream, foundations for Sanctum 2000's in garden area and memorial kerb stones along path 

Benches, memorial kerb stones, installation of Sanctums, feature seating and seating around paths  

Woodland planting for scattering of ashes around perimeter  

Remembrance Garden final design to be confirmed 

If you are the owner of a grave /plot and you change address, or you know an owner who has passed away please contact the cemetary clerk at cemetary.clerk@fleet-tc.gov.uk or phone 01252 625246

Notice of Intention to Terminate Rights to Unused Grave Spaces in Fleet Cemetery:

Under the Local Authorities' Cemetery Order 1977, a burial authority may in specified circumstances terminate the exclusive right of burial for a grave space which has been unused for 75 years or more. The following persons or their representatives are invited to contact Fleet Town Council regarding the exclusive rights of burial in Fleet Cemetery, Richard Close purchased prior to 1940. 

Major CB Hoey - Wood Grange, Stockton Road 

Clara Smith - Kings Road 

Kate Lewis Hay - The Firs, Fleet Road 

Mr A Wells - North Hants Golf Club 

Maud Elisabeth Pierce 

Col ACH Trevor Marton - Hitches Lane, Fleet 

JMB Hunter - Mill House, Bradfield, Essex

Murray Gibbon - Dunmow Hill, Fleet 

Mrs G Newall Watson - Lynmere, Fleet

Where the owner does not advise their intention to retain the right within 6 months of the publication of this notice, the exclusive right or burial will be terminated in accordance with the above order. 

For further details please visit our website at www.fleet-tc.gov.uk  or contact us. 

Fleet Town Council, The Harlington, 236 Fleet Road, Fleet, GU51 4BY or 


Neglected graves at Fleet Cemetery 

The Council would like to say thank you to Sleeping Leaves for adopting neglected graves to maintain in Fleet Cemetery. The Council would also like to thank the Friends of Group for all their hard work. Fleet Town Council is responsible for the general maintenance within the Cemetery, however the owner of the exclusive rights is responsible for the maintenance of the memorial on the plot and to keep the plot tidy. Unfortunately some of the graves are sadly neglected as the families move away or are unable to visit. "Friends of Fleet Cemetery" is a group of volunteers that undertakes tasks such as tending to these neglected graves, tidying the Cemetery, growing plants etc. If you have a spare hour or so each week then you might consider joining the Friends of Group. If you are interested or have any questions Email: cemetery.clerk@fleet-tc.gov.uk or call 07880 722941. 

Fleet Cemetery

Situated at Richard Close in Fleet the cemetery was controlled by Hart District Council up to 2010 when it was handed over to Fleet Town Council

Rights of burial for graves and ashes plots can be purchased for a ninety nine year period. Charges for Fleet residents and non residents (including those in Church Crookham and Elvetham Heath) re found on the website http://www.fleet-tc.gov.uk/Cemetery.aspx .

Contact a funeral director to arrange a burial or interment.

Contact the cemetery clerk o n 07880 722941 with any queries.

email cemetery.clerk@fleet-tc.gov.uk