Are you able to help with maintenance at the cemetery? Do you have an hour to spare each week?
Fleet Town Council is responsible for the general maintenance within the cemetery however the
owner of the exclusive rights is responsible for the maintenance of the memorial on the plot and to
keep the plot tidy and ensure that flowers or ornaments do not interfere with any other grave space.
Unfortunately some of the graves are sadly neglected as the families move away or are unable to
Fleet Town Council is hoping to encourage some volunteers to start a “Friends of the Cemetery”
group in the near future that can at least tend such graves. Please contact the Cemetery Clerk if you
are interested.
Tel: 01252 625246 / 07880 722941
If you have an interest in one of the Parks in Fleet then why not join a Friends of Group!
The Friends of Groups are groups of local residents interested in supporting the regeneration of a
particular park through projects and action days.
There are currently groups for:
Ancells Farm Park
Azalia Park
Basingbourne Park 
Calthorpe Park
Oakley Park
Fleet Town Council is currently looking into setting up a Friends of Group for The Views. If you would
be interested in joining or for more information please contact Fleet Town Council on 01252 625246
or Email: