Dear Sir/Madam,
I was interested in your fleethants website particularly the history section.
I have lived in Newlands for many years. I noticed that it was mentioned in the roads section. Do you have the history of Newlands, where the name came from?
Basingbourne Road is not mentioned; I believe the name was taken after the large house Basingbourne House.
Any information you can give on the history of the above two names would be appreciated.
Kind regards,

Can anyone help - email

First of all thanks for a great web site, lots of useful information and lots more I havenít gone into yet, one problem Iíve been keeping an eye on the Fleet Rotary Club House to House visits but as the Rotary club hasnít informed you of when they are doing the rounds we (family and 2 kids) missed Farther Christmas this year.

Could you let the Rotary Club know that I have 2 little kids still waiting to see farther Christmas down The Verne.

I know its not your fault but you provide a useful bulleting board for Fleet and it would help if groups like the Rotary Club use you to keep us all informed.


Sean Dance

Rotary Club Informed


I have been meaning to send you a personal email, thanking you for the increased interest in my novels in the  Fleet area since I have mentioned them on your website. Perhaps the Carnival gift helped as well.  Fleet Library now has both books and they are frequently on loan. Farnborough, Yately and Aldershot libraries also have copies.
I visit your site regularly and use it as a means to keep quietly in touch. It is very good -- especially when compared to others. So keep up the good work.
I will let you know when the third book in the series is in the shops
Best wishes for the future
Malcolm Noble

Malcolm Noble is an author who used to live in Fleet. His latest book "Liking Good Jazz" is available locally. For more information visit his website at 


To whom in concern.

Hi, i am writing to you on concern of the Fleet Skatepark being demolished.
I live in fleet and am a keen BMXer who rides Fleet skatepark often. I am
concerned about the fact that are we gonna be seeing a new skatepark being
built in Fleet. If we are then i would appreciate if it is possible to be
sent any details on the park, for example the yypes of ramps that are gonna
be placed, Where and how long is it before we will be able to ride it. If
there isnt gogint o b e a skatepark built then why? I feel that the
community needs such a place in which to  entertain the younger society and
such as my self aged 17. I find also that it is unfair for people such as my
self to spend money on traveling to other sateparks in the region in which
to follow there hobby.

Thank You for taking time to read my email.
I hope i hear from you soon.

Jason Henwood.

Jason has been told that a new, better, skateboard is being built.

Do you have any explanation for the loud bangs (like a gun or bomb going off!) that seem to occur in the early hours recently?  The one this morning was particularly loud.  I thought any military noise at that time or overnight was usually machine-gun type noises.  I live near the pond so I know everything echoes round there as it's so quiet.
Just thought it worth an enquiry - surely there are time limits for this sort of thing anyway?
Also, while I think about it, are there not bye-laws as to when you light a bonfire?  Some very inconsiderate woman lit a horrible one on that glorious Saturday last weekend when one has opened windows, back door and hung washing out!  It's such a treat when you're cooped up in an office all week and it's Spring!  I have to say it wasn't even a man who did it!
Angela Porteous

Can anyone advise?

Found this site to be an excellent one. Information related to something local is always great.
Would have been even better if a column was added for people who are on the lookout for friends.
I'm new to Fleet and would be interested in making friends !! HELP .. My number is 07875178124.

Anil Kumar

Dear Sir/Madam
Just a suggestion, but could there be some more stuff to do in Fleet for the youths like myself. Day after day we go out, with nothing to do, in my opinion, this is why there is an increase of crime.
Would appreciate a response.
Rik Hanshew


I'm also an ex pat from Fleet, 1940 - 1982.  Have you got email address for Roger Vincent?  I read his 'opinion' note but there is no contact address.

Congrats on your site.

Roger Morgon

Roger V:  If you read this Roger M's email is 

Hello I was just reading with interest your information about the decimation of the trees around the new Ively road roundabout...
 It seems to me the local authority justify this by saying the trees at the end of the airfield were chopped to allow aircraft a clear take off and landing...surely the pilots would be flying dambuster style because the trees were taken back to the foresters PH!
 Also the new Ively road and roundabout were put in to help with congestion in this area according to the council......If you were to stand on the new roundabout and look towards the foresters pub, and imagine all the MOD land in-between as a nice and new shiny housing estate! the infa-structure is being created in advance so people would not have that to argue their cause, good access to the M3!
 Sadly with the MOD in control of a considerable amount of excess land in the area and the council being in control of the planning permission, I feel it is only a matter of time before HCC sells Fleet out....

Gary Franklin

I was amazed to discover that an application to erect a 10ft high illuminated mac donalds golden arch sign is being voted on ,its going to be at the round about on fleet road at the total petrol station,  the vote is on wed 12th at the council offices,I seem to be the only person in hampshire to know about this ,cant help thinking it would be more at home in florida than fleet,if any one is as appalled as i am please comtact the council planning dept and ask them what are they doing to our town, I shall be speaking against the application on the grounds that it is to big overbearing and to bright and  very tacky, amongst  dangerous to traffic  , any one interested in helping me get this sign changed to a small m on top of a pole as at fleet services i would  appreciate some help and advice     gary higgit  tel  07768007711 

Yesterday evening, my partner and I dropped into Somerfield in Fleet. On our way out of the car park immediately behind the store, I noticed a lady on her own having problems starting her car. I stopped my car and offered to help her by giving her a push. To move my car out of the way, I pulled into an empty Disabled slot nearest the lady's car (all other disabled slots were empty, bar the one next to where I parked). My partner and I attempted to push start the lady's car - to no avail. After offering her a lift home or use of my phone to call for help (which she [gratefully] declined), I returned back to my car. Just as I was about to pull away, an elderly lady tapped on my window, and proceeded to 'have a go' at me for parking in a disabled slot! Completely justifiable if it was during the day and the car park were full. The car park was virtually empty, it was late ( 6pm ish), and I was trying to be chivalrous by helping a lady on her own. I tried to explain to the elderly lady what I had been doing and why I had left my car there (for no more than 5 minutes), but she was having none of it! Somewhat taken a-back, I retorted in a disgruntled voice something along the lines of, "It is people like you that are the reason why people of my generation are no longer willing to go out of their way to help people like you". I feel that I have let myself down by allowing a member of the older generation get to me in such a way that I answer back in a forceful and disrespectful manner. The question is, was I justified in parking my car there for the few minutes it took to help? Who was right, the elderly lady or me? No wonder people lose faith in their fellow human beings...

Name and email supplied

re Brake Estates Ltd in "The History of Fleet"

I live in Hockley, Essex, where Henry William Brake bought land known as Plumberow Mount Farm in 1923.

For a few years now I have been researching Henry William Brake and his connection with Hockley and I wonder (and I realise this is a very long shot indeed!) whether you have any information etc. on him.
I look forward to your kind reply in due course.
Yours sincerely,
Carole Shorney (Mrs.)
19 Folly Lane
Essex SS5 4SE
01702 201914


Can anyone help. Webmaster

"What on earth has happened at Fleet Station.  For months the foot bridge has been under workmans covers and now it looks like it was painted by my 4 year old son.
I feel I have indirectly paid for this mess and I don't like it.
Can anyone from the council or the station comment on this"
Photos available of mess...
Andrew Weaver

Great site!
I live near Brisbane Queensland, Australia. 
Can any one help me discover any thing about the Slingo families living in the area from 1700-1901.
In the 1881 census eight Slingo family's lived in your area, but the name is rare. George Slingo born 1851, had a greengrocers at Crookham in 1901, Elizabeth Slingo born aprox. 1826, had a greengrocers at Church Crookham.
I think this is his mother, but have no proof. if so there was at least four generations of George Slingo's living at Crondall in 1881.
George born 1799, at Crondall, father of.
George born 1825, at Southampton.Husband of Elizabeth.
George born 1851 at Southampton, father of.
George Born 1877 at Stains.
Other George's were in the area also.

Gaham Slingo 

Hi there
To those of you who are interested in your health as well as animals -  there is to be a march on the 7th September 2002  meeting at Hyde Park at 12 noon.   Doctors & Lawyers for Responsible Medicine are calling for a Judicial Inquiry  into the Reliability of Animal Models in Assessing Human Health Issues.   There has been so much about health issues and the NHS in the media over the last several months and more seems to be emerging day by day.  To those who are of a curious nature and seekers of the truth, we can promise a very good day.  
If interested please contact:   Dorothy Adams 01252 674930

I wondered whether you would offer my congratulations to Pauline Vickory on her award.  Pauline was my chaperone (and dressmaker!)in the silver jubilee year when I had the pleasure of being the carnival queen.
I felt a little nostalgic this year and thought I would look up Fleet Carnival on the web out of curiosity.  It was a fantastic surprise to find that there is still a carnival with all the ingredients that made it so good back in 1977 (although I was a bit older than your lovely princesses then -
nineteen to be exact. Unfortunately I am even older  now!!)
Pauline was so dedicated then, spending endless hours with myself and Lorna Haskell (the princess) and nothing was too much trouble for her.
I hope you can pass on this message and I wish all of you lots of luck for the Golden Jubilee Carnival.

Best wishes

Karen  Sadler

Email from NZ to - can anyone help?

Hi, as an  expat of Fleet Circa 1944  to 1968 and having searched the net from NZ for any news of  "the old home town" and having found zilch your site was most welcome indeed.     I wonder if any of your followers can fill me in on the history of the old scout hall which was situated down near the cricket ground where Tavistock Road is now situated. the last leaders were Eddie Shrimptn, Neville ? and Mallinson?   Perhaps you may wish to start a remember when column or expat ramblings!  horror.

                                                             Anyway thanks for the site   Cheers Roger Vincent

Official Vandalism?
Yesterday my husband was walking the dog of a neighbour who is ill and was horrified that a large number of trees (hundreds!) had been cut down to the left (north) of the canal between Pondtail and Norris bridges.
It appears that the work was authorised by the Basingsoke Canal Authority (H.C.C.) in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence.  An official notice explained that it was done to allow more light to waterside vegetation, to stabilise the canal banks and prevent erosion, to recover an area of heathland and to enhance and improve the biodiversity of the canal and surrounding land.
Surely the removal of trees will lead to more erosion rather than prevent it?  Will this not exacerbate the problem of silting in Fleet Pond?  Why was it necessary to remove such a wide band of trees, rather than just those close to the canal bank?  Surely the direction of the sun in relation to this stretch of the canal is such than light naturally shines across the water onto the left-hand (ie northern) bank anyway.
We are not experts on biodiversity but the amenity value for those walking or cycling the towpath has certainly not been improved or enhanced - the area looks like a the bomb-site, and will take years to recover.
The notice also states that Hart District Council were consulted about the removal of trees, and permission was granted. Local residents would not be allowed to remove so many trees, even on their property, so why should the Basingstoke Canal Authority and the M.O.D. be able to get away with this decimation?

Sue Fisher


Above: Decimation of trees between Pondtail and Norris bridges

Above: Decimation of trees for the new Ively Road. We need the new roundabout but do we need the new road?



Left: Decimation of trees for the Farnborough Airport flight path
We have lost hundreds of trees in this area of the canal. Was it all necessary?
What do you think? Let us have your opinion