How much do you know about Fleet and Crookham? Try the following quiz. If you can get 18 out of 18 you are a Fleet historian. Don't worry if you can't we reckon 50% correct is pretty good.



Which Prime Minister has a place named after him in Church Crookham and played football for Fleet Town?

A. Sir Winston Churchill
B. Anthony Eden
C. Clement Attlee
What was the population of Fleet in 1912?
A. 3,000
B. 10,000
C. 15,000
What was once built in Cove Rd by Fleet Pond ?
A. Open air swimming pool
B. Cinema
C. First super market in Fleet
What did Fleet achieve in 1962?
A. The wettest town in the country
B. The highest birth rate in the country
C. The oldest population in the country
Who purchased a large house in Elvetham Rd called "The Pines"?
A. Lord Mountbatten
B. Sir John Mills
C. Queen Mary
Why was Fleet Pond once drained?
A. To eliminate green algae which was killing the fish
B. So that the pond could be dug deeper
C. To stop reflections on the water pinpointing enemy aircraft bearings
What was started in 1955 to build a new Public Hall and eventually donated 10,000 towards the building of the Civic Centre in Fleet?
A. Annual Carnival
B. Annual cricket festival
C. Canal trips on the Pinkerton Boat
Crookham Village is twinned to a town in?
A. Germany
B. France
C. Is not twinned
What was the first church to be built in the Fleet/Crookham/Church Crookham area?
A. All Saints Fleet
B. Fleet Methodist
C. Christ Church Crookham
What was Fleet famed for in a 2002 survey?
A. Having the lowest rate of babies born out of wedlock in England.
B. Having the largest number of commuters to London by train
C. Having the most pensioners in England
Which roundabout between Fleet and Farnborough has an aeroplane built on it?
A. Monkey Puzzle Roundabout.
B. Ively Roundabout.
C. Whittle Roundabout
Which famous British author has six roads named after her in Zebon Copse, Church Crookham?
A. Daphne du Maurier.
B. Agatha Christie.
C. Jane Austen.
Which organisation in Fleet has a bridge named after it in the Fleet Pond Nature Reserve?
A. Fleet Lions.
B. Fleet Rotary Club.
C. Fleet Carnival.
Which sports club is the oldest in Fleet/Church Crookham?
A. Fleet Town Football Club.
B. Fleet Cricket Club.
C. Fleet Rugby Club.
Which local venue staged an event in the 1948 Olympic Games?
A. Fleet Pond.
B. Basingstoke Canal.
C. Tweseldown Racecourse.
The previous Fleet and Church Crookham MP James Arbuthnot is a direct descendant of
A. Sir Winston Churchill.
B. Lord Mountbatten.
C. James V of Scotland.
Between 2012 and 2018 how many times has the Hart District been named No 1 in the Halifax's UK  best Quality and Life Survey?
A. Once
B. Never
C. 6 Times
Church Crookham once had the countries only successful plantation of which plant?
A. Tea
B. Tobacco
C. Silk