Pubs in FLEET



The Harvester


Assessment Stars*****
Drinks We asked for beer and were offered a choice of Carlsberg draught or Carlsberg special. This was the only beer available.  *
Starters A varied selection of salad was available at no extra charge.  ****
Main Course Sirloin steaks were ordered medium to well done. They were served over grilled and extremely dry. The portions were not quoted on the menu and seemed very small. Gammon steak was very fatty, full of gristle and extremely salty. Again the portion was small.  steaks came with cold and tasteless French fries, an overcooked mushroom and one large tomato.
Burger and chips were ordered from the children's menu and the main menu.
Sweet Not risked
Service One waiter greeted us, took us to our table and served us throughout. He was courteous, helpful and pleasant. We did not have to wait too long to be served. He seemed upset when we complained about the food being overcooked but did nothing about it. ***
Costs Between 5.00pm - 6.30pm an early bird menu is used which reduces the cost by a third. In spite of this the steaks at 7.50 were expensive for what we got. I would be upset to have to pay the full price. ***
extra star for early bird prices
Decor Very stylish with old beams and bright lights.   ***
Children Allowed but nothing specially for them **
Entertainment A fruit machine. *


Food Garden Entertainment Music TV Children Extended Opening

Fleet Rd

12-4 Yes Fruit machines Pop Big screen TV plus smaller ones NO Fri & Sat till 1pm

Fox and Hounds
Crookham Rd

  Yes Fruit machines       Fri & Sat till 11.30pm


    Fruit machines Dance Big Screen TV NO  

Propaganda Music Canteen
Fleet Rd

    Fruit machines       Thurs - Sat 1.00am

Crookham Rd

  Yes Quiz Sunday nights 80's to Modern NO Yes if Eating with adults Fri & Sat untill 1.00am

Prince Arthur

All Day till 10 Yes Fruit machines NO NO NO Fri & Sat untill 1.00am

Prince of Wales
Reading Rd South

  Yes Fruit machines Juke Box Big screen + smaller ones Yes + Playground in garden Thurs 11.30pm
Fri & Sat Midnight

Sports Bar

    Fruit Machines   2 x 42" Flat Screens + Overhead projection TV   Fri & Sat 1.00am

The Foresters


The Links

  Yes Pool tables, juke box, Football game, darts, Fruit machines, quiz Sunday nights, karaoke Saturday nights. Juke Box Two Big Screens + Smaller ones NO  
The Wyvern              
Flying Goose             Thurs - Sun Midnight
De Havilland Arms
Elvetham Heath
            Fri & Sat Midnight
Sun 11.00pm