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Mainly about Old Fleet and Crookham by Ted Roe

The Gurkhas in Fleet

Fleet Pond - 1000 years of history by Fred Wilmot

History of Road names in Fleet and Crookham

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FLEET TIMELINE COMPILED BY CLASS P3K at Velmead Junior School in 2003

1871 - The population of Fleet was 381
1889 - The first bank opened
1897 - Fleet Hospital opened
1900 - Mains water was available, and the Fire Brigade was formed.
1910 - St Phillip's and St James' church was built.
1910 - Police Station was built.
1934 - All Saint's Church was enlarged.
1950 - The population of Fleet was increasing rapidly.
1960 - The original St Phillip's and St James' began to rot, so a new one was built.

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