New roads named after the old houses which previously occupied these sites.

The Aloes   Glen Road Peatmoor Close
Brinksway  Greenways Pines Road
Broom Acres  Hampton Close Pipers Croft
Brynstone Way Highdown Queen Mary Close
Burnside  Honister Gardens Rosedene Gardens
Carthona Drive  Kenmore Close Rowan Close
Cheswell Gardens  Kenwith Avenue Rushmoor Close
Courtmoor Avenue  Kingscroft Stanton Drive
Cranbrook Court  Langley Close Stockton Avenue
Cypress Drive  Lea Wood Road Tavistock Road
Darset Avenue  Lismoyne Close The Bourne
Dinorben Avenue   Lyndale Drive The Laurels
Dinorben Close Magnolia Way Vicarage Gardens
Fairland Close  Medonte Close Westbury Avenue,
Ferndale Road  Montrose Close Westbury Gardens
Fir Close Newlands Westbury Close
Forest End  Northfleld Close Whin Holt
Globe Court  Oakwood Woodlands
Basingbourne Rd    

Roads and places named after notable local people.

Chinnock Close The Chinnock family lived at Dinorben Court 1872-1933
Attlee Gardens Clement Attlee often visited relations in Crookham.
Champion Way Mr A.W. Champion, Chairman of Crookham Parish Council.
Johnson Way Maj Gen. Dudley Johnson V.C. Chairman Fleet U.D.C. 1948-50
Parsons Close Mr AW. Parsons, Chairman Fleet U.D.C. 1944-46
Wickam Road
Wickham Close
The Rev Gordon Wickham. Well loved Vicar of Crookham for 42 years
Calthorpe Road
Fitzroy Road
Gough Road
Sir Fitzroy Anstruther Gough Calthorpe, of Elvetham Hall who originally owned much of t he land in the north of Fleet.
Campbell Close Brigadier E.J. Campbell, Chairman Fleet U.D.C. 1960-62 
Frere Avenue Dr Frere, Senior Doctor and hospital Doctor in Fleet for more than 30 years
Oakley Park
Oakley Drive
Mr James Oakley donated Oakley Park
Calthorpe Park The old football and cricket grounds were donated by Lady Anstruther Gough Calthorpe
Curtis Court Mr John ScottCurtis, Chairman Fleet U.D.C. 1971-72
Jean Orr Court Miss Jean Orr, Chairman Fleet U.D.C. 1969-71
Dudley Court Maj. Gen Dudley Johnson, VC, CB, DSO & Bar, MC         
Holland Gardens Mr W. Holland, the smallholder who previously farmed this site
Herbert Road Mr. H. Pool, who originally developed this site

Hope Walk

Named after Alan Hope, leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party, who has lived in Fleet for a number of years and has served on Fleet Town Council. Mr. Hope is currently the longest serving Political Party Leader in the UK.

Compiled by Ted Roe