Your countryside - your voice

People who know the CPRE think of us as the organisation that campaigns to keep England a green and beautiful land.  But what does the CPRE really do to protect and enhance our countryside?

 CPRE is committed to ensuring that as much housing as possible is located in existing urban areas, helping to bring run-down towns and cities back to life.  This does not mean cramming people into dense estates.   Planning urban regeneration must include full consideration of the right to a quality of life, green open spaces, play areas for children and adequate service infrastructure.

CPRE believes that the beauty of the countryside is essential to its prosperity.  Farmers can be rewarded for managing the landscape and producing quality local produce.   Businesses such as leisure and tourism rely on the quality of the countryside and it produces a ‘natural health service’ for us all.

Other issues in which we take an interest include transport infrastructure, protecting communities, minerals and waste management and wildlife that can be seriously affected by all human development activity.

CPRE campaigns nationally, regionally and locally.  National Office in London is supported by branches for each county.  County branches are encouraged to take charitable status in their own right and will usually have one or two paid staff.  The county branches, in turn, encourage local voluntary groups to form to be their ‘eyes and ears’ for towns, parishes and villages.  Local groups will usually represent one or more local authority area.

Hampshire Branch is located at Beaconsfield House, Andover Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 6AT.  Tel: 01962 843655.

Their Director is Maggie Cole.

Your local voluntary group is Hart & Rushmoor District Group.  Hart & Rushmoor Group try to ensure a comprehensive coverage of the area by encouraging representatives from each town, village or parish to join the Executive Committee.  These can be individual members or they may be appointed by the town or parish council.

For more information please contact:

Colin Gray, 
Fleet representative.
14, Kenilworth Road,
Hampshire GU51 3DA
Tel: 01252 616183

e mail: