“The individual character, cherished landscape and biodiversity of Fleet and Crookham environs are under considerable threat from potential developments”.

The FACE-IT Group is committed to protecting this important environment from destruction through poorly conceived and unsustainable development.

The aims of the FACE-IT group are to meet, discuss and understand the current development plans emerging for the Fleet and Crookham area and to assess whether these should be viewed as sustainable development or would be threats to the precious local environment and the village communities, in their existing countryside setting, taking account of its already pressurised infrastructure.

FACE-IT is about protecting and improving the area around Fleet and Crookham and to make sure that development is beneficial for the community. That is not the same as stopping all development and we are here to make sure that what does get developed is done in the best way.  We do this by getting involved in the process and providing information and communication to act as enablers for the community to understand and influence local policy and decision-making.  The aim is that the natural and built environments are the best they can be for us all.

Where public involvement is required, FACE-IT keeps you informed and will request and coordinate community engagement where appropriate.

FACE IT provides to its community, stakeholders and interested parties:

  • understanding of the local issues
  • consultation with and representation of the local community
  • knowledge of the local areas in Hart especially around Fleet
  • specialist expertise especially on environmental matters
  • involvement with local projects for the beneficial development of the area
  • liaison with and representation on the Crookham Village Association and Parish Council
  • liaison with Hart District Council and Fleet Town Council including Fleet Future and liaison with other local and national groups
  • pubic visibility through its website, social media presence and publicity.