I have two cats called Clover and Smokey, Clover is 6 this year and smokey is 4. Clover is Smokey's mum, she had another kitten, which we called Simba, but we gave that one away and is now called Roger!!!!!!!!                                                                                            

 Clover is a tortishell, mostly black, she is very small and quite fluffy. Smokey is the complete opposite! She is fluffy, fat, and big. She loves food, her ears are like leopards. We're not quite sure what her breed is, but we think tokenise, she has yellow spots along her back, and the vet says her father is proberly a Siamese. She also likes bringing mice in the house, and when she was a kitten, she liked giving us worms. She never stops purring, and can't meow prperly, however much she tries! She blends in with everything and prefers the outside to inside, unlike her mum, who only goes outside when it is dark and she can't go upstairs. Clover likes sunning herself and my room, when we let her down at night she gets stroppy, and if we don't let her back up in time in the morning, she goes crazy! When she was younger, she crawled up a plant on the house up to my brothers window and went in. Also when we had no door to are kitchen, how ever many trunks or boxes we piled, she always managed to get through (and that was when we first got her and she was a kitten)!

                                 PLEASE LET ME KNOW ABOUT YOUR PETS

Smokey with Simba
Smokey with Simba