A national rod and line licence is required by anyone over the age of 12 years.


Licence type Trout and coarse 2-rod Trout and coarse 3-rod Salmon and sea trout
1-day 6 Not available 12
8-day 12 Not available 27
12-month 30 45 82
12-month - over 65 12  20 30 54
12-month - junior  Free Free Free

Fleet Pond.



One of Hampshires largest ponds. Owned by Hart District Council. The pond has islands and reeds around its banks. In the past 25 years it has become very shallow due to large amounts of sand silting the pond up, with a depth of only 16" right across the pond now.

Fishing is only from 6 swims along the railway bank and one at the bottom of Chessnut Grove Rd. This year all the platforms have been given a facelift and provide improved comfort thanks to the Fleet Pond Ranger!



Float Fishing: Pole fishing will catch mixed bags of fish. Bream, Roach Tench and Hybrids. Ground bate should be a light mix due to the shallow depth. Feed at the start, 3 to 4 balls, then loose feed maggots, casters or corn for the lake Bream or Tench.

Ledgering: Small light weighted ground bate feeders with long hook lengths so that the bait lands on top of the silt,  with maggots, casters, corn or worms as hook baits will take good bags of big Bream, Tench and Roach at long range fishing. 20 to 30 lbs can be acheived in early morning or late evening trips.

Pike Fishing: In winter months produces sport with small Jack Pike around 3 to 6 lbs and the odd large fish around 18 lbs. Best method is ledgering with dead baits. Smelt, mackeral, sprat and herring. Spinning and plug fishing should take Pike in the summer months along the railway bank swims.

Boat Fishing: is available to people who intend to use flat bottomed rowing boat and no others.


Fish Stocks


BREAM                    up to                    5lbs

TENCH                     up to                    4lbs

CARP                       up to                    10lbs

ROACH                    up to                    11/2lbs

RUDD                       up to                    11/2lbs

PERCH                     up tp                    2lbs

HYBRIDS                  up to                    2lbs

PIKE                          up to                    18lbs


Fleet Pond Tickets


A Season Ticket:  Adults   15.            Junior up to 15 years inc      6.50


Boat Fishing Ticket:   20


Day Tickets:   Adult  3        Junior/oap/disabled   3


Note: The pond has a closed season between 15th March and 15th June inc when there is no fishing allowed.


For tickets and further information contact:   Tackle Up, 151 Fleet Rd, Fleet, Hants. GU13 8PD  TELE 01252 614066



Basingstoke Canal   (Fleet Town - Crookham Village)



This section is about 2.5 miles long and 12 to 14 metres wide. Depth is about 1metre. The Canal has many fish holding features including lilies, weeds, rushes, over hanging bushes and boats. The best fishing on this stretch is around Pondtail Bridge at the Aldershot Rd junction and near the Fox and Hounds PH, Crookham Rd.



Pick: a swim with a feature on the far side, weed or lillies etc. Don't fish the area's with lots of shade from big overhanging trees as these weedless swims do not hold fish because of the lack of natural food.

Pole Fishing and Float Fishing: Fish threequarters the way across with small balls of ground bait. Feed reularly maggots or caster. Loose feeding over the top will give best results for mixed nets of fish and many catches have been taken over 20lbs in just a few hours in the summer time. Other baits that can catch are sweetcorn, worms, bread, meat and trout pellits. Ledgering: Bigger Carp are caught on boilies or meat when ledgering. Fish up to 24lbs can be caught. 


Basingstoke Canal Tickets


Season Ticket: Adult  16     Junior (12-15yrs)/OAP/disabled   8       Night Fishing  10        

                                                                                                                     (for season ticket holders only)


Day Tickets: Adult  3        Junior (12-15yrs)/OAP/disabled   1.75



Monthly Tickets:  Adult  8        Junior (12-15yrs)/OAP/disabled  4 


Note: The pond has a closed season between 15th March and 15th June inc when there is no fishing allowed. 



For tickets and further information contact:   Tackle Up, 151 Fleet Rd, Fleet, Hants. GU13 8PD  TELE 01252 614066      




Willow Park Fishery



BIG LAKE Our stunning 10-acre specimen lake, had a major redesign in 2015, with updated swims, snag removal and restocking. We now have 22 fully bark chipped swims which can accommodate from 1 bivvy to 3 biwies. The lake now boasts some magnificent carp up to 30Ib-plus, with a head of over 350 known fish. The Big Lake holds several CARP

COMPETITIONS such as, BCAC, Eric's Carp Championship and UK Carp Cup, to name a few. Depths vary from 4-Ft to 8-Ft with gravel bars and bays. For more info see the map available from reception. Each summer a FREE RIG CLINIC is held, so watch our Facebook page and website for dates and times. This is a calender highlight and very popular, so not to be missed. It is essential to pre-book for NIGHT FISHING, as a deposit is required at time of booking (securing your place as numbers are restricted). The Big Lake also holds good pike and perch and is ideal for the predator angler (pike fishing is at limited times of the year only). Perch to over 2Ib and pike into double figures have been caught. 

STOCK POND This is an ideal place for the novice angler to dip their line. You never know what will be on the end!
SMALL LAKE This well established lake is our most popular with the pleasure angler, as it is only a short distance from all the facilities on site. It is heavily stocked with carp, bream, roach, tench and perch and again it gives good results to the match angler. 

MIDDLE LAKE This is also heavily stocked with carp up to 15Ib+, bream up to 10Ib, roach, tench and perch. The bream ensures a good bag weight for the match angler, but it is also perfect for the pleasure angler of all abilities. CAFE Full English breakfast 7 days a week, hot and cold snacks, sandwiches, drinks and confectionery. (Eat in or take away) 7am to 2.45pm. 

A small but fully-stocked tackle shop on site ensures that you have everything you need, from items of terminal tackle, to fresh bait and a place to purchase an E.A. rod licence.
FACILITIES We have a large number of swims, which are easily accessible by the disabled angler across the whole complex. There is a toilet block with separate Disabled, Ladies and Gents; also a shower.

Phone - 01252 325867        Website -