Fleet Cycling is a friendly and sociable cycling club based in Fleet. We are keen to encourage and help anyone wanting to join our group and we always cycle at the speed of the slowest rider, although we will help anyone chose which ride is most appropriate.

The club is part of the North Hampshire Cyclists Touring Club members group and has been meeting every Sunday morning at the Oatsheaf crossroads since the late 1980's.

An early photo of the group meeting at the Oatsheaf from October 1999.

We recently renamed our group Fleet Cycling and launched a dedicated web site to publicise our rides and other aspects of cycling in the town of Fleet and the surrounding areas of Hart. The website covers or gives links to other local cycling clubs and groups.

There are now rides organised by Fleet Cycling every Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The Friday rides are an easy pace which would be suitable for most cyclists. These rides are fairly short, about 10 or 12 miles and the average speed is about 8 or 9 mph.

On Thursdays and Sundays the pace is a little faster, ‘medium pace’, averaging about 12 to 13 mph. These rides are longer ranging from 30 miles to 60 miles.

We hope to start new regular rides of about 5 miles which will explore the paths and tracks around Fleet. In addition, we would like to start a "ladies only" group if there is enough support from new lady members.

Anyone is welcome to come and try our rides without becoming a member – there is no subscription to the local group but we encourage regular riders to join the CTC national organisation which gives access to every CTC members group in the UK without any extra cost, third party insurance of up to £10,000,000 when cycling anywhere and a copy of ‘Cycle’ magazine every 2 months.

 Fleet Cycling members at Four Marks Golf Club for a refreshment stop

Members teaching how to spot faulty bicycle bits at the launch of Hitches Lane Cycle Path

A coffee stop at Swallowfield Park House