Fleet of Foot Walking Football Club


Fleet of Foot is a fast growing club in a fast growing sport attracting both men and women. Present membership is in excess of 70.

The club is based at the new Hart Leisure Centre in Hitches Lane where they have the use of modern 3G pitches.

Three sessions are run per week; every Tuesday and Thursday, 2pm – 3pm, open to all, and Thursday 7pm – 8pm for Ladies. Once a month, the evening session is Mixed. The ladies section would welcome more members.

Sessions cost £3 payable only on the times you attend. Club membership is currently set at a one-time £10 for which you receive a club shirt and entitlement to play in friendly matches, tournaments and charity events of which we have a growing number.

Competitively, the men play at 60+ and 65+ level.

There is a growing social calendar. It is usual to meet post session in the Centre’s coffee shop and have Christmas lunches, summer BBQ’s and quiz nights. 

The club is sponsored by EveryOne Active and Specsavers in Fleet and the Exchequer in Crookham Village. 

We aim to be an informal and friendly group providing both physical and social well being in the community.

For further information contact Robin by emailing  robglen37@yahoo.co.uk   or text 07799 664454.



From Ken Gaunt, Fleet of Foot press officer

Fleet of Foot women have gone into 2020 with a surge of optimism and enjoyed their first outing of the year against Walton at Hart Leisure Centre.

Numbers are rising across the club and 15 players attended.with the visitors also fielding two teams. 

Four games were played under the stewardship of referees Steve Boot and Clint Tookey, who are both members of the men’s section.

FoF coach and captain Sue Scarlett said: “It was a great start to the new year and the weather was good as well.

The games were played with good humour and at a very good level. “We all finished with a deserved cup of tea in the cafe. “


Ladies Fleet of Foot Tournament

  Fleet of Foot women were delighted with the success of their first mini- tournament at Hart Leisure Centre in Fleet, operated by Everyone Active and organised by Sue Scarlett. 

Sue said: “It was great to see teams from Portsmouth, Fulham and Walton in a sport that is becoming popular across the country.” 

  The tournament was held to raise money for ‘Dig Deep Charity’. A charity that are committed to monitoring the projects they have funded, to aid the poor communities of Kenya, by providing access to clean running water. 

 Money raised went towards Jess Hayward, daughter of one of Fleet’s members, to climb Kilimanjaro in September in support of Dig Deep.

  Two Fleet of Foot Teams consisted of all their 12 members. This was a first tournament for some of their members with all participants joining in five, small sided games of five-a-side. 

 Sue said: “It proved to be quite a fun and enjoyable experience, especially for the first timers! The games were played in good spirit.”  

 Many members of  the men’s team and some husbands  helped and supported in various ways. 

 They contributed by refereeing, time keeping, taking photos, spectating and by providing equipment and donations.

 After the tournament a buffet was held for all the visitors, spectators and helpers which was sponsored by local company Dynamag Ltd and  organised and supplied by Elaine, one of the team members.

 Fleet of Foot women is well supported by Everyone active at Hart and is open to all ages on their new 3G outdoor pitch on Thursdays 7-8pm
Contact  hartinfo@everyoneactive.com for more information or just come along and pay and play on the day.

Dig Deep website https://www.digdeep.org.uk/

Link to Video


Club Championship

Fleet Of Foot walking football club members showed a kind Hart when they staged their club championship.

Sponsored by the Exchequer pub, Crookham Village, and with Hart Leisure Centre providing free pitches, £330  was raised for children’s charity,  Piggles Trust.

Club founder Robin Howard said: “This was the biggest and best tournament we have run so far.  

“So a big thanks to Everyone Active , the Exchequer for prizes and all who played and donated including members of Fleet U3A.”

Long-standing club member Jim  Hill organised the event and it proved to be a popular attraction for men and women.

With about 40 players participating, the players were split into five teams, playing seven-side under Walking Football Association rules.

The Purples came out on top after four matches and Dave Porter had the honour of being named player of the tournament.

Meanwhile FOF over 60s advanced to the second round of the WFA National Cup after beating Oxford 1-0 at home.  Rob Rowley scored a late winner after being set up by Mark Pirie.



Sue Scarlett (Captain)
Sarah Smith
Elaine Tookey (weather prevented arrival)
Sara Collyer
Ann Goddard
Anna Hartley
Cathy Cross
Jessica Barne (weather prevented arrival)
Steven Boot (our driver and Supporter, weather prevented arrival)



Giorgio Columbi got in touch with me via Robin of Fleet of Foot. He invited 8 of our women, from fleet of foot, to participate in some friendly games against Portsmouth Womens Walking Football, at their training ground in Portsmouth, Roko/Play Football Community Centre, followed by a Buffet lunch for all in the study area of Portsmouth fratton park. This was then followed by promotion photos on pitch side of Fratton Park and complimentary tickets for all the players to watch Portsmouth play Doncaster.
The weather at our end was snow and ice, making it impossible for two players to get to Portsmouth. We managed to squeeze 6 players and kit in a 7 seater and negotiated the snowy roads to get onto the clear motorway.

Giorgio was well organised with everything and looked after us from the minute we arrived to the end of Pompeys match. He got us 2 parking permit tickets, literally, outside the ground and ensured that we reached our seats safely at the ground. Our other car with player number 7 arrived, hasten to say, after the walking football games, due to being snowed in. However, Giorgio guided them by phone to our location and parking and escorted them to the buffet lunch. It was good that they arrived for the promotion photos but disappointing for them not to get to the matches in time, due to the weather.
On Arrival at 10.58am to start at 11.00am, we were greeted in the car park by a colleague of Giorgio, who led us to the playing 7 a side pitches, where Giorgio and Porstmouth Ladies were ready to go. A quick change of clothing and warm up and we were ready to go! Giorgio refereed all the matches very fairly with rules in place and no running!. We didn’t have time for nerves as we were straight in without thinking about it.


The first two games were strictly 3 touch only, which proved to be beneficial to us as we practice this on our training nights, and 8 minutes each half. 8 minutes each half was a little exhausting without substitutes but due to our ability and strength we managed to settle, letting the ball do the work and enjoying ourselves. The next two games were as many touches as you like. We won 3 games and drew 1 game scoring 8 goals between us due to excellent shooting and passing from team players. The games were played in good spirit with some fine shooting and saves by both teams. Portsmouth Woman had only been playing together for a short while compared to our 18 months which proved to show our strengths in passing and shooting. We remembered that when we started, we couldn’t put 2 passes together and now we can control, pass and shoot. Lots of progression in all aspects.

Giorgio has a passion for walking football. He plays in the Portsmouth Mens walking football and there are many trophies in their cabinet to show what a great team they are. He is very keen to promote the womans walking football and he feels that he is beginning to now build up a picture of Women teams who would be happy to come down for a tournament.
We learnt a lot from this experience and hopefully will go on to better things. The key is to enjoy it and we certainly did but also the privilege of being able to play at an age when most of us thought our playing days were behind us.

Giorgio emailed us and Pompeys ladies tweeted that evening and thanked us for our perseverance and determination in making it down to Portsmouth braving the snow and terrible weather conditions in Fleet. They said it was such a memorable day out for them too.

Pompey want return matches to our venue in the future