Fleet Bus Network Plan



Commencing 16th April, Route 7 Reading / Aldershot will be 'spilt' at Hartley Wintney with an overlapping section Hartley Witney to Fleet as Reading Buses will extend their evening and Sunday Reading/Riseley route to an all day (Mondays to Saturdays)  operation between Reading/Hartley Wintney/and Fleet Station 'direct' fro H. Wintney avoiding Elvetham Hth. & Dukes Mesd) and Stagecoach will continue to operate via the existing route between Hartley Wintney and Aldershot.  Timetables are being designed to interconnect at Hartley Wintney and arrangements for through fares are being implemented. They are not yet available.  Route 10 is unaffected as far as is known.

Stagecoach Service's  

Full Services PDF of routes 7 and 8 - Between Reading and Aldershot      (Reading Buses have agreed with Stagecoach to take over part of route 7 between Reading and Hartley Wintney with some connections to Fleet Station. Stagecoach will continue to operate the service to Aldershot.)

check the location and predicted arrival times at all No 7 Bus stops Aldershot Direction

check the location and predicted arrival times at all No 7 Bus stops Reading Direction                                                                                                                                  
Full services PDF of route 10 Between Fleet and Farnborough 

65X Between Alton College Fleet and Hook

Stagecoach website


Ewshot, Crondall, Farnham  Fleet    70

Hart Taxishare 200a 200b and 200f


Fleet Buzz Service 30/31 Note these services ended on Jan 5th 2015

Fleet Buzz Service 72 Note Part of this service was withdrawn on Jan 5th 2015. 

Fleet Buzz Service 77 Note this service ended on Jan 5th 2015

Note All Fleetbuzz services are now run by Stagecoach.


PHONE 01252 518090 from 09.30 to 12.30 Mon to Fri


Link to website for Fleet Link



Changes to Bus Services in Fleet and Church Crookham commencing 1st Sept. 2015

A second service will be introduced on this date with the group now re-named ‘BIF’ – Buses in Fleet, working together with Stagecoach Bus and Hampshire County Council.

The routes will be numbered 7 and 10.                                                                                                 

Route 7 will run from Reading via Hartley Wintney and Elvetham Heath where it will run beyond the roundabout near the De Havilland Arms following a loop around Morrisons Store returning to the roundabout and then, initially, due to road closure in the Hitches Lane/Dukes Mead junction area run direct to the stop at the end of Tavistock Road (the ‘permanent’ route will be via Dukes Mead and Tavistock Rd.) then follow the previous 72 route along Fleet Road to the junction with Kings Road.  Except for a few morning journeys which will mostly start from Elvetham Heath and run via Fleet Station it will then turn down Kings Road to Pondtail Bridge, Aldershot Road (Fleet) and Reading Road South to Crookham Cross Roads where it will turn left to run past the Foresters PH to ‘Windy Gap’ rhnce via the A323 to Aldershot Health Centre, the town centre and the Bus Station.  This service will run basically hourly.  A few evening journeys will run via Fleet Station to provide a rail-link for Elvetham Heath (and intermediate) commuters.   This service will run hourly with a couple of peak hour extra journeys.

Route 10 will run from Farnbrough via the ‘existing’ route 72 to Oatsheaf Cross roads then follow the route of the discontinued 30 around Church Crookham forming a loop from the to of Portland Drive via Wyvern PH, Sandy Lane, Quetta Park, Tweseldown road, Crookham + Roads, Reading Rd. Sth., Basingbourne Road, Portland Drive thence as the outward routing.

Both routes will have variations to serve Schools/Colleges at school etc. start/finish times.

The Taxi Share service will be limited to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and will be revised to serve Zebon Copse, Crookham Village, remaining unserved parts of Elvetham Heath, Fleet Medical Centre (Church Rd.) leaving no direct connection between Pondtail area and Fleet Station or Fleet/Church Crookham and Frimley Park Hospital.

Travel to and from Frimley Park Hospital. The ‘official’ advice is to take the 10 to Farnborough (Kingsmead) and there join the half hourly Service 2 which via a roundabout route will eventually take you right outside the Hospital but if you are able to walk from Frimley Village (some 10 mins. normal walk) or wait for the combined 4 per hour journeys on the 1 and the 3 (the 3 leaves from a different stop to the 1 (& 2)) take the 1 from Kingsmead (which in fact serves the hospital area (Portsmouth Road outside the Catholic Church) from about 1930 onwards) . 

IF the 10 is on time approaching West Heath Roundabout it should be possible to take the 2 from there direct to the Hospital but it involves a walk of some 5 minutes alighting from the 10 at Watts Road (the stop after ‘the Plough & Horses’) and joining the 2 at Fernhill Road.  None of these stops has waiting shelters.

In the reverse direction alight at Fernhill Road and walk to the Watts Road stop. (the stop on  the roundabout beneath the railway embankment (is labelled ‘School Journeys only’ and buses cannot be relied on to stop there). DO NOT change there after the 1751(Saturdays) 1752 (Mondays to Fridays) from the Hospital.  The last journeys on the 2 at 1915 from the Hospital do not connect (by bus) to Fleet.  A more attractive journey in the evening would be to take the 1 which serves the hospital area (Portsmouth Road outside the Catholic Church in both directions currently due to road works) from 1900 (Mondays to Fridays) or 1914 (Saturdays) to Farnborough Station then the train to Fleet.  The 1 runs at least every 20 mins. until 2214 thence less frequently.  This is the only practical route on Sundays or Bank Holidays.

Stagecoach Bus has made a much better (and prompter) job of posting timetables this time and in fact has supplemented these on many stops by a diagrammatic map of the routing of the 7 & 10 also a full timetable for each route serving the stop so you can see journey times and the return timings when commencing your outward journey.

Timetable are also available on line at Hampshire County Council’s Website (www3.hants.gov.uk/passenger transport/public-transport.htm) = select Area required and scroll down within the booklet to the route/map required.  Copies of the booklet for Farnborough & Fleet are already available in Fleet Library. 

Timetables will be published on the Community Website in the next few days including the Farnborough 6th Form and Alton College routes.  The Farnborough routes serving Fleet are reduced to the 409 (serving Pondtail once each way on College days) and the 410 (also once each way).  Allhallows School is served by the 7 and a connection is available at Aldershot out of the 10 for pupils finishing later than the normal time.  Calthorpe Park School is served in the morning by the 10 and the afternoon by the 610, 1510 from Calthorpe Park School to Bowling Alley (Greensprings) via Elvetham Rd., Ancells Farm, Kings Rd., Aldershot Rd. (Fleet) Quetta Park and Ewshot.

All these journeys are available to members of the public and Concessionary passes are accepted after 0930 (on the 65X from Hook (at 0912) to Alton via Fleet throughout).



1 July 2015


Public Meeting


A Public Meeting about Buses in Fleet and the proposed additional/altered services which Stagecoach intends implementing in September next is being held at the Harlington on 8th July at 7pm. Transition Fleet is trying to get a
minibus for it. Stagecoach will be there. HCC said they would also attend but the current situation is unsure as they later said they would not be attending!
Although some details of the revised services have been published by Hampshire County Council, there is still an opportunity for suggestions to be made at this Meeting as the revised services have not been submitted to the Traffic Commissioners, which is necessary 6 weeks before implementation.
If you would like to attend, but have no means of transport to get there then please do contact Transition Fleet which is going to do it's best to arrange a lift sharing scheme. If you are able to help by offering a seat or two in a car that would be most appreciated. If you are able to help with advertising the meeting, please let TransitionFleet know at TransitionFleet@outlook.com .


16 June 2015

Hard work and local ideas lead to new bus services being introduced in the Autumn


Two all day bus services between Fleet, Aldershot and Farnborough have been introduced due to public demand and hard work by Hampshire County Council and Stagecoach.

Bus routes across Hampshire changed in January after a significant reduction in the money available to the County Council from Government. These changes meant that some local Fleet residents found the new taxi service, which replaced the bus, difficult to use.

The County Council worked with local residents and Stagecoach to see how the limited budget available from the County Council could be spent as effectively as possible to complement commercial services and bring about more frequent and shorter journey times. As a result two new timetables are hoped to be in place for the autumn school term.

Councillor Seàn Woodward, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, welcomed the new timetables, saying: “I am grateful to local residents for bringing their transport problems to our attention and the hard work of everyone in making the best use of our limited funding and to Stagecoach for their willingness to adapt their commercial routes.”

The first new service will run from Fleet to Reading and Aldershot, bringing back a much missed link and serving the Aldershot health centre for the first time. Another new service will link Church Crookham and Fleet to Farnborough. That new route is timed to connect at Farnborough and Fleet with buses to Frimley Park Hospital or further afield to offer a quicker link for those travelling to the hospital. Buses will also return to Calthorpe Park, Pondtail and Quetta Park and parts of Elvetham Heath which have not had a bus since January. Rail commuters will also benefit with extra evening buses from Fleet station and those travelling to school and college will have a much wider range of journey times to choose from.

Letter to the Daily Mail. January 2015:

Bus Stopped

On January 4th 2015 the bus passengers of Fleet will say goodbye to the battered, but cheery, yellow bus number 30. This faithful soul has ferried its young and old to town for shopping, to the library and surgeries and the hospital, eight miles away, and to the railway station. Due to cuts by Hampshire County Council we will no longer have this service.

It was sometimes late and regularly broke down, but with its unfailing polite and helpful drivers, we always soldiered on. We can no longer go shopping, meet friends and maintain the independents lives most of us crave. Surely a good bus service is an asset, not a liability, to any town?

B J Smith, Crookham , Hants.

Well said (fleethants comment)


New community transport service launched

People living in the Fleet, Church Crookham and Elvetham Heath areas of Hart now have the opportunity to use a new look community  transport service.

Fleet Link provides a dedicated community bus service in and around the Fleet area on Monday to Saturday each week. A service is also provided to Camberley on a Wednesday and into Farnborough on a Tuesday so that people can visit the local market.

The new service has replaced the Call and Go and is jointly funded by Hampshire County Council, Fleet Town Council and Church Crookham Parish Council.  It is aimed at providing a public transport service for people who cannot use a conventional commercial bus service because they have restricted mobility, or are living somewhere that is not served by a suitable commercial bus service.
Passengers wishing to use Fleet Link must book their journey in advance and will normally be picked up and dropped off at their home address.  Seats are booked by calling 0845 602 4135 up to the day before they want to travel. Fleet Link vehicles are wheelchair accessible and people who have an Older Persons Bus Pass or disabled pass can currently travel for half fare on the service (full return fares range from £3 for a local trip to £4.50 for Camberley & Farnborough) 

Councillor Mel Kendal, Executive Member for Environment at Hampshire County Council said, “This new look service has been designed and introduced as a result of close partnership working between the County Council and the local parish and town councils, together with consultation with existing Call & Go users. By combining the available financial resources from all three councils, it has been possible to maintain a good level of service in Fleet and the surrounding area for those people who find it difficult to travel using conventional bus services. This is an excellent example of partnership working, providing a scheme which I believe will make life that little bit easier for many people in the area.”

On behalf of the Fleet Town Council and Church Crookham Parish Council, George Woods said, “We welcome the opportunity to play our role in supporting this service which we know will be valued by many people, particularly those in outlying, more rural areas.  The service will make it easier for people to do some of the regular things, like shopping, that so many of us take for granted.   Fleet Link will also help people to maintain their independence.  We would really encourage local people to take full advantage of this service.”

Residents wanting to find out more about Fleet Link should contact Hampshire County Council’s Travel Centre on 0845 602 4135.