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Pothole Busters back blitzing Hart and Rushmoor's potholes

Pothole Busters are back on Hart and Rushmoor roads tackling potholes and roadside defects formed from this winter’s extreme cold weather.  An extra £1million will be spent across the county, doubling the number of gangs at work on the roads.

In Rushmoor, over 300 potholes have been fixed so far and another 250 are on the hit list in the coming weeks.  Using jet patching, Pothole Busters will be working across Rushmoor, including Rectory Road, Westheath Road, Woburn Avenue, Fleet Road and Sycamore Road in Farnborough. 

Since February, road defects have been fixed in North Lane, Stations Road, Waterloo Road, Barrack Road and Queens Road in Aldershot, and Prospect Road, Pinewood Park, Churchill Cresent and Cove Road in Farnborough.  In Hart, hot patching techniques will be used by Pothole Busters gangs around the area.

Residents can report faults, such as roadside defects, problems with pavements, and overgrown vegetation affecting the roads and pavements through the County Council’s contact centre Hantsdirect – 0845 603 5633 or via the website – http://www3.hants.gov.uk/roads/online-facilities .These fault reports are followed up to decide if there is a need for urgent repair or it can wait for scheduled work in the area, which is more cost effective

Hampshire is a large county, with many miles of rural roads, and potholes form as heavy traffic and water take a toll on these road surfaces.  The extra pothole gangs will be tackling the damage caused by February’s snow and subsequent ‘freeze thaw’ on the roads.  The work will be carried out by Amey, the County Council’s highways maintenance contractor.

Amey also carries out a range of highways maintenance work for the County Council including sorting out drainage problems, vegetation encroachment, maintaining pavements, and ensuring road signs are clear and visible.
Each year the County Council carries out systematic highway inspections and a series of surveys into the condition of the roads and pavements throughout Hampshire. This helps decide how to prioritise repairs. 


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