Andrew Newton   



Andrew Newton is an award winning artist from Fleet in Hampshire, United Kingdom.    He received his 1st class BA (hons) Fine Art degree in 2008, where after he continued his practice as a hyper-realist portrait/abstract painter. Exhibiting all around the country and abroad, whilst winning notable awards such as the 1st prize ROI Mall Galleries, London and the RBSA Birmingham. Andrew has also been featured and reviewed in many established art magazines such as ‘The artist’ and ‘Artists & illustrators magazine’. He currently exhibits, teaches and runs workshops at local charities and centres in and around Hampshire and Surrey. In recent years, Andrew’s art practice consists of different subject matter including portraits, expressive landscapes and abstracted interior spaces. While exploring different painting styles such as geometric abstract expressionism, deconstructed realism to technical representation, Andrew tries to capture feelings of isolation, existentialism and social media of the technological modern age.

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