Defibrillator Locations in Fleet


Limited Access:
  • Hart Shopping Centre
  • Courtmoor School
  • Velmead Junior School
  • Most Doctors Surgeries
  • Outside 22 Barbara Close

24/7 Access

  • Ancells Farm Community Centre
  • Hart District Council Offices
  • Oakley Park Pavilion
  • Cricket Club at Calthorpe Park
  • Fleet Motorway Services
  • Dentist at Elvetham Road
  • Prince of Wales Pub
  • Hart Leisure Centre
  • W.C. Bakers in Fleet Rd
  • Fleet Railway Station
  • Fleet Fire Service
  • Albert Street Social Club
  • Fleet United Reform Church
  • All Saints Community Centre
  • Elvetham Heath Community Centre
  • Outside 66 Church Road

South Central Ambulance Service has an App for smartphones/tablets to show nearest Defibrillators.


Search "Save a Life" on the app store.


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