Elvetham Heath

Elvetham Chase

9 Jan

The plans for Elvetham Heath Chase are being put before a government inspector.


6 June

Wates Develpments have appealed and the application will now be examined by a government planning inspector during a four-hour public inquiry. A date has not yet been fixed for the inquiry.

1 March

Hart Council will not include the Elvetham Chase 700 home development in the Council Local Plan.

16 Dec 2016

Wates Developments and the Calthorpe Estate have submitted an online application for a sustainable urban extension to the excisting Elvetham Heath Estate.

The 146 acre site will be known as Elvetham Chase and forms a second phase to the previous Elvetham Heath Estate.

700 new homes will be built, 280 of these will be classified as "affordable" homes. A primary school  
will also be built. 


Over 60 people have sent letters of objection. They remark that the area is already under strain from increased traffic due to developments at Edenbrook, Crookham Park and Hartley Wintney. Also the additional traffic from Hartlands Village will cause even more congestion.. They say traffic is already gridlocked in the morning and the new Railway station car park at Fleet Station gets full. Another problem is the reduction of the local bus services. Additionally the existing two secondary schools, which have both been extended, are restricted from any further development and will soon be short of places.

The Fleet and Crookham Society have stated that the plans are premature and in the worst possible location. They are urging Hart District Council to reject the proposals.


Some residents believe that the new development is required because there is a huge shortage of housing in the area. Also the building area is just grass and trees and would be better served as desperately needed homes.


Wates Developments believe that the estate would make a significant contribution to delivering the councils housing supply needs. It would generate millions of pounds towards improvements to the local
infrastructure  such as school places, community facilities and transport.

The first house will be ready in 2019.

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