14 Dec 2016

At around 10.30pm on Wednesday 14 December 2016 an explosion started a fire which destroyed the south building of the M3 service station. Around 100 firemen from the Hampshire and Surrey fire services fought to the fire which was finally controlled by 2.30am. By this time most of the building had been gone.

Firefighter said they struggled due to lack of water.

One lane of the M3 was closed southbound for two hours. The northbound lanes were kept open. By 1.40am all the m3 motorway lanes had been reopened. The footbridge was closed.

An eyewitness said the fire had been started at the KFC by the explosion of a machine. This has yet to be confirmed

Rod McKie. who is the chief executive of the Welcome Break services said that the fire had caused considerable damage but thanked the fire workers for controlling the fire so quickly.

no one has has been injured in the fire.


After three weeks the damaged south side of the service station has been reopened. The station had been closed until a temporary structure had been provided for safety purposes. Starbucks, Days Inn, toilets are now reopened.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.