Fleet's Very Own Community Radio Station

Fleet community radio will have two different strands of programming for daytime and evening with a team of experienced and less experienced volunteers who will have access to training and benefit from being part of a small community hub in the centre of the town. Offers gratefully accepted.

Following the Ofcom guidelines, members of community radio could broadcast their own shows
consisting of local interest that could include the arts such as drama, poetry, movies, or even mixing 
house music. 

We would also be attending the the town to bring the colour to the airwaves for some listeners who aren't able to attend for various reasons.

There will be training available from experienced presenters at places like the local BBC
Radio in Guildford who are helping Alton and with my own close links to Wey Valley Radio
in the smaller town who successfully applied to Ofcom, they are testing this month on 101.1 FM.

Seven councillors have already emailed since last week to get behind the Fleet station which bodes very well, for a cost of 850 a year to Ofcom ( 650 for the application ) and then there is music licensing.

Fleet community radio will hopefully find a home within a council building and perhaps a chimney site for an antenna mast designed to look like a flag pole.

One thing that our small team of three volunteers need right away is a letter of support for the application.

Without any future obligation, do you think a charitable radio service that is dedicated to Fleet and the people within the town would be of benefit to society?

How do you think you would benefit ?

Thank you again and hope you will support an application for a local Fleet Community Radio
and respond as soon as you can by email to

paul@RadioForFleet.com .

Please follow @RadioForFleet on Twitter.