Fleet's Very Own Community Radio Station

10 Sep

Heath Radio have come a few steps closer to handing in our application for community radio in Fleet. A podcast project called the vault is joining forces with Heath Radio so that even more people can become involved in all areas of media production training. Former PR guru at BBC Radio 1, Paul Simpson who is from Yateley is climbing on board to help Allan Gibson & Paul Wisdom from Fleet to broaden the appeal of community radio to the surrounding towns who will also be able to tune in and feel more connected with Fleet.  

We know that residents of Fleet commute to nearby towns for work and leisure so it makes sense that everyone should be able to listen on a radio in places like Yateley , Farnborough and Camberley.

If you are from those nearby areas and would benefit from the voice that community radio could give your organisation, charitable event or a local subject that you want to discuss then it's not too late to email a support letter to hello@radioforfleet.com  

Another step forward for the growing team -  Hart District council are also in discussions with Heath Radio CIC about sighting our vertical broadcast antenna on top of the offices at Harlington Way.

24 July

Three Directors have been named. Allan Gibson (Content Manager and fleethants.com), Melisa Montagon (Funding Manager) and Paul Wisdom (Station Manager) 

10 June

The prospect of a Local Radio station has been boosted by a donation of 500 by the Fleet Lions.

30 May

A small board of directors for the community interest company is coming together with the latest member , Mark Cater who is Content Director at BBC Sussex and Surrey offering his support and help with training. He has recently trained volunteers from Wey Valley Radio in Alton, Suzy Radio in Merstham. This includes two three hour sessions at the studios in Guildford incorporating multimedia provided by the The BBC Academy which covers best practice on covering local news stories online through social media and broadcasting. This also explained the differences between Libel, Defamation, Slander and how to avoid other pitfalls when presenting.
The test transmission fee has kindly been donated by well known community man Allan Gibson of www.fleethants.com 
Alton Radio - Wey Valley has been able to launch for 4000 including a donation by one of the directors of 1000. The amount of people who have come forward with donations of time and money or new equipment has been overwhelming. It really is the people of Alton's radio station and I hope to replicate that good will in Fleet.

The essential costs will be:
Ofcom Application 600
Transmitter Install 1000
Ofcom Tests 250

License Fee 600
PRS and PPL 2500
Liability Insurance 150
Transmit Insurance 50

Broadband 50
Electricity 75

We will of course publicise local news information and events for free but advertising local business will have a part to play in the sustainability.

Sponsorship of a three hour breakfast show Monday to Friday 7-10 am would cost 225 per month, including three messages per hour , fifteen messages per week.

The same could apply to other shows and hourly weather or what's on updates. A very reasonable price but the lifeblood for the station to cover costs.

25th May 

The content director for BBC Surrey has offred to help with training of potential volunteer presenters and will also be a director on the small board of the community interest company. This could help with the application in July. A positive response to the request to site an antenna on the Hart Council building has been offered by John Ellison, subject to contract. Another possibility for an aerial would be Beacon Hill for FM coverage. Fleet Lions have been approached for possible funding.

20 May
Fleet community radio will have two different strands of programming for daytime and evening with a team of experienced and less experienced volunteers who will have access to training and benefit from being part of a small community hub in the centre of the town. Offers gratefully accepted.

Following the Ofcom guidelines, members of community radio could broadcast their own shows
consisting of local interest that could include the arts such as drama, poetry, movies, or even mixing 
house music. 

We would also be attending the the town to bring the colour to the airwaves for some listeners who aren't able to attend for various reasons.

There will be training available from experienced presenters at places like the local BBC
Radio in Guildford who are helping Alton and with my own close links to Wey Valley Radio
in the smaller town who successfully applied to Ofcom, they are testing this month on 101.1 FM.

Seven councillors have already emailed since last week to get behind the Fleet station which bodes very well, for a cost of 850 a year to Ofcom ( 650 for the application ) and then there is music licensing.

Fleet community radio will hopefully find a home within a council building and perhaps a chimney site for an antenna mast designed to look like a flag pole.

One thing that our small team of three volunteers need right away is a letter of support for the application.

Without any future obligation, do you think a charitable radio service that is dedicated to Fleet and the people within the town would be of benefit to society?

How do you think you would benefit ?

Thank you again and hope you will support an application for a local Fleet Community Radio
and respond as soon as you can by email to


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