Fleet Town Centre Project

Working together for the benefit of the whole community 

What is it?    Fleet Town Centre Project is a local partnership offering coffee, care and reassurance to everyone who relaxes and works in the town at night.

Why Bother? Our aim is to make the town centre a better, safer place and to be a practical expression of the love of God to all those we encounter.
Is It Needed? Fleet town centre is sometimes the scene for unsocial behaviour late at night. Levels of intoxication and emotion can be high as revellers spill out of the town's expanding range of pubs, clubs and restaurants into the streets late at night. 

How does it work? The Town Centre Project, based in the car park of The Emporium, provides a safe place for people to chill out and find a sympathetic ear. Teams of Community Volunteers also patrol the Fleet Road providing help, non-judgmental advice and reassurance.
The project operates every Friday and Saturday night, from 10pm to 3am, offering free tea, coffee, biscuits ...and lollipops! Our visitors include those who are 'out on the town', taxi drivers, the police, and staff from nearby pubs and restaurants. 

Who is involved? The Town Centre Project was set up by Churches Together in Fleet & Crookham, who perceived the need for a Christian presence in the town centre late at night. The initiative, which is staffed by volunteers from local churches, is enthusiastically supported by local businesses, Hart District Council, Hampshire Constabulary, and other local organisations. 

This is a long term project, not an instant 'quick fix' solution - it will take time to build relationships and trust. 

Staffing The project is staffed each Friday and Saturday evening by a team of four plus a team leader. We currently have around 40 volunteers, but more are needed. 

Our volunteers have a lot of fun (even in the pouring rain!) and have never encountered any antagonism or danger. Many people are intrigued about our motivation, and surprised that our services are completely free of charge; they are often astonished that people from different churches can work together. This leads naturally to opportunities to share our Christian faith openly and freely as we demonstrate God's love in a practical, caring way. 

How can I get involved? 

Prayer - for meaningful conversations, safety at night, good relations with businesses, police, etc. 

Volunteer - More volunteers help to spread the load and we welcome members of any Christian church. 

Give - It costs around 80 per week to run the project. Could you support us financially? 

Encourage - Find one of our volunteers and talk to them about what they are doing, and offer to pray for them. 

For more information about the Fleet Town Centre Project, please contact: 

Bron Lambert - 01252 620972    email bron_lambert@yahoo.co.uk 

Nigel Pool - 01252 625754   email n.pool@btconnect.com 

Churches Together in Fleet &Crookham Sharing God's love in the community