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20 September

Showhomes Launch on 21 September

12 April

First Few Available Houses Completion Q1 20-Q2 20 

Design Type Bedrooms Price View
Copper Beach House One £249,950 View Property
Copper Beach House Two £335,000 View Property
Coppper Beach House Two £335,000 Reserved
The Rowen Three £499,950 View Property
The Juniper Three £580,000 View Property
The Aspen Four £680,000 View Property
The Maple Four £680,000 Reserved
The Elm Four £800,000 View Property
The Oak Five £999.995 View Property
The Oak Five £999.995 Reserved


8 April

We now have 69 homes in production across Phase 1 of the scheme. We have reached the first floor of our showhome. We are still on track to deliver the showhome in Autumn 2019 and the first home in early 2020. 

The humpback bridge, which will form the stunning entrance to Hartland Village. is now starting to take shape. We have dug out the lakes and completed the foundations of the bridge. The arch will start to appear from mid April and the bridge will complete in Autumn 2019. 

2 Feb 19

St Edward Homes launches the 1,500 homes minitown.

The village will contain the following:

  • One and two-bedroomed apartments

  • Three, four and five-bedroomed houses.

  • Traditional humpbacked bridge.

  • Featured lake

  • Traditional village centre.

  • Healthcare, fitness and wellbeing centre.

  • 28 acres of open space.

  • Village Green.

  • Play ares.

  • Country Park.

  • Trails.

  • Two-form primary school.

St Edward's is providing £33.3 million in local community contributions.


26 Sep 18

Work on the newly named Hartley Village is due to start early next year. The first phase, Lakeside, will contain a mix of individually designed one and two-bedroomed apartments and three and five-bedroomed houses. 

St Edward Homes, part of the Berkeley Group, will be the builders. 

A  picturesque arched bridge will lead people over a large new lake which will afford an idyllic focal point for the new village. Over time a traditional village centre will be developed as a hub for gatherings, shops and cafes. There will also be more than 28 acres of green open space and woodland country park with primary school.

Construction is a 15 year regeneration scheme. 

There have been complaints over the lack of affordable homes and the high density of the housing.

9 Oct 17
The plans for the 1,500 home mini town to be built by St Edwards Homes have been agreed in principle by Hart District Council. This is in spite of major concerns by local groups such as Fleet Pond Society, Fleet Town Council and the Fleet & Church Crookham Society. 

Colin Grey, chairman of the Fleet Pond Society, warned that the development would have an adverse effect on the Fleet Pond Site of Special Scientific Interest. He also said that the strategic gap between Farnborough and Fleet would be affected by such a high density development of some 4,000 people located within 300metres of Fleet Pond Nature Reserve which is already already suffering from the effects of high visitor numbers. He also claimed that incidents of graffiti and drug abuse at the Pond would increase due to lack of 24 hour policing resources. He suggested that the housing numbers should be reduced by 50%.

Phil Gower, from the Fleet & Church Crookham Society, said it seemed clear that councillors were not provided with the essential information to determine enough infrastructure in place to support the number of homes planned. He was also concerned about the number of affordable homes being built adding that a shortfall of 300 will need to be found somewhere else.

Percy Mullany, land director at St Edward Homes, said that Hart Council had supported the principle of our proposals for the development which will crate a new community with a new primary school. They will work wih the council to take the development forward.

10 May 17

The Fleet Town Council have stated that the development is not sustainable. It does not provide adequate on site recreational and sporting facilities, does not support its own medical or educational needs and it is totally dependent on an adjoining existing settlement, principally Fleet. They add it is a dislocated urban extension and not a sustainable community. They believe there are no plans to bring public transport onto the site and the road layout is inadequate.

“It will pose significant pressures on over stressed infrastructure.”

Fleet and Church Crookham Society said the application will ‘massively increase the strain on an already overburdened infrastructure’, while the RSPB has objected due to the potential impact on the integrity of the internationally designated Special Protection Area for birds.Around 40 residents have objected to the Harland Park plans. Fleet Town Council said the development was ‘completely out of character’.

There is no provision to bring public transport onto the site. The road layout is totally inadequate.

4 May 2017

Letter from Matthew Evans

Community engagement, for and on behalf of St Edward Homes

We are pleased to confirm that St Edward Homes’ application for the redevelopment of the former Pyestock/National Gas Turbine Establishment site has been submitted to Hart District Council. These proposals would create a sustainable new village with 1,500 new homes, a primary school, commercial and community facilities and the provision of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG). Please find enclosed an executive summary which provides an overview of the project and more information about St Edward’s approach to placemaking.


These proposals have been through an extensive design and masterplanning process and also subject to three rounds of public consultation (attracting over 1,100 people to our public exhibitions). The feedback received throughout has been broadly positive, with wide acceptance of the principle of redeveloping the site with much needed new homes and a clear preference for these proposals over the consented logistics park.


The planning application has been registered with the Council and given the unique reference number17/00471/OUT. You can view all of the documents and reports which have been submitted as part of the application on the Council’s website by visiting http: //publicaccess. hart. gov. uk/online-applications/  and you can also submit your feedback on the proposals via this system. You can alternatively email comments toplanningadmin@hart.gov.uk or write to the planning department at Hart District Council, Harlington Way, Fleet, GU51 4AE.


We currently anticipate that a decision could be made on the application during the summer of this year (2017). If permission were to be granted, we expect that work would be able to begin on site later this year and that the first homes would be ready by the spring of 2020.


If you have any questions about the project, you are still able to contact the project team viahartlandvillage@glhearn.com or 0344 225 0003.


link to Hartland Village PDF file

Feb 4 2017

A public display at the Harlington Centre took place on Feb 4th. The Fleet and Church Crookham Society thought the extensive cost of decontamination will limit viability to provide essential infrastructure such as affordable housing, schools and recreation space. They also said that the five story apartments would be too dominant as the site is near to Fleet Pond. Fears that the rail and road networks would not be able to cope with the additional traffic were also made.

23 Jan 2017

Public Consultation

Following extensive design work and two rounds of public consultation during 2016, St Edward Homes will shortly be able to submit its proposals for the redevelopment of the former Pyestock/Hartland Park site to Hart District Council. The regenerated site will help to serve the needs of the area, delivering much needed new homes and infrastructure to benefit existing and future residents.


At St Edward, we are committed to engaging with the existing communities in which our development sites are located. This takes place from an early stage, and throughout the planning process. We are now in a position to present our finalised proposals ahead of the submission to the Council for consideration.


The project team will shortly be holding public events in both Fleet and Farnborough, where we will be able to show how our proposals have been refined over time and hear your feedback on the plans to be submitted.


Public Consultation:


The project team hope you will be able to attend one of the following events and look forward to discussing the future of the site with you:


Saturday 4th February 2017 10:00am-4:00pm at the Harlington Centre, 236 Fleet Rd, Fleet GU51 4BY


Thursday 9th February 2017 3:00pm-8:00pm at the Southwood Community Centre, Links Way, Farnborough GU14 0NA


If you are unable to attend either of these events, you can request a copy of the display information to be sent to you by contacting us.

You will also be able to view all of the exhibition material, and provide feedback via the dedicated project website.


If you have any further questions or comments in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me.

17 Nov 2016

Hartland Park Stage Two Exhibition Boards

click here for a link to the exhibition boards that have been on display in the Hart Centre in Fleet. All you need to know about the development.

28 Oct 2016

Email invitation from Hartland Village

Earlier this year, St Edward Homes acquired the former Pyestock / Hartland Park site and is proposing to redevelop it into a sustainable new community. The regenerated site will help to serve the needs of the area, delivering much needed new homes and infrastructure to serve existing and future residents. In July 2016 we held our first public consultation events and will be holding our second stage of public exhibitions in November 2016.

Public Consultation
The project team hope you will be able to attend one of the following events and look forward to discussing our initial proposals and the future of the site:

Saturday 12th November 2016, 10am-4pm
Harlington Centre, 236 Fleet Rd, Fleet GU51 4BY

Monday 14th November 2016, 3:30pm-8:30pm
Farnborough Community Centre, Meudon Avenue, Farnborough GU14 7LE

If you are unable to attend either of these events, you can request that a copy of the display information be sent to you by contacting us. You will also be able to view all of the exhibition material, and provide feedback, via the dedicated project website www.hartlandvillage.co.uk after the 14th.

Kind regards,

Matthew Evans
Community engagement, for and on behalf of St Edward Homes

Hartland Village
GL Hearn Limited

T +44 (0)20 7851 4900
D +44 (0)34 4225 0003

4 July 2016

The project team hope you will be able to attend the following events and look forward to discussing the future of the site.

Thursday 14 July 2016 3pm-8pm at the Southwood Community Centre, Links Way, Farnborough. GU14 0NA

Saturday 16 July 2016 10am=4pm at the Harlingtonn Centre, 236 Fleet Rd, Fleet, GU51 4BY

15 June 2016

The developer has announced a consultation on its plans to build the 1,500 homes in Hartland Park. This can be view    here

11 May 2016

Letter from Matthew Evans (St Edwards Homes)

I am writing on behalf of St Edward Homes, who will be working with Hart District Council, as well as existing local communities, to develop a sustainable new village with homes, shops and community spaces on the former Pyestock / Hartland Park brownfield site.
St Edward is a joint venture between the Berkeley Group and the Prudential, which have been developing homes and neighbourhoods together since 2006. It focuses on creating beautiful, successful places across London and the South of England. The Berkeley Group works to tackle the shortage of good quality homes, and make a lasting contribution to the landscape and to the communities it helps create.
As you may be aware the site was previously home to the National Gas Turbine Establishment, an important facility in the development of aircraft jet engines in the post-war period. Advances in technology rendered much of the facility obsolete, leading to it being decommissioned in 2000 and sold for redevelopment. The site currently benefits from an implemented planning permission for major distribution centre of 1,350.000 sq.ft which was granted planning consent by the Secretary of State in 2009.

St Edward is now in the process of developing proposals for a residential redevelopment of the site, which would make a significant contribution towards meeting the need for new homes in the area. As a brownfield (already developed) site, Hartland Village will be an ideal location for delivery of new homes in a development with a distinctive character of its own with village shops and community facilities.
St Edward is committed to thorough public consultation on all of its projects and it is anticipated that the first round of engagement with local people will take place in the next few months. Further details of these public events and initial proposals for the site will be publicised in due course. In the meantime if you would like to formally register for updates on the project, you can do so via the project website www.hartlandvillaqe.co.uk.

You can also contact the project team via 0344 225 0003 or hartlandvillage@glhearn.com  if you have any questions at this point. 

19 April 2016

At last it seems that the proposed warehouse, along with all the noise and large transport vehicles that most people feared, has been put to rest. Hart District Council has proposed the site should now be used to build residential houses with supporting facilities and community spaces. Between 1,000 to 1,500 new homes could be built. This would become a sustainable village and end the controversial plans to build a new town at Winchfield. One of the problems that has to be overcome is the additional decontamination needed if the land is to be used for residential purposes.

8 August 2014

Demolition Complete at Hartland Park
Just over a year since starting work at Hartland Park, specialist contractor Brown and Mason has completed the demolition contract, making the 119 acre site ready for future development as an employment park.

8 April 2014

Working at Hartland Park
Despite the difficult winter weather conditions, specialist contractor Brown and Mason is reaching the final stages of the contract to demolish the redundant buildings at Hartland Park and to make the site ready for future development.

20 Dec 2013  
Roundabout Works at Hartland Park
Following the completion of the road works at the Windy Gap Junction, Prologis and M&G Real Estate have appointed engineering and construction specialists, Volker Fitzpatrick, to build a new roundabout on  Ively Road   , Farnborough.  The works, which start on Monday 6 January, will provide a new southern access to the  Hartland   Park   development and will be complete by the end of May 2014. 

Alongside these works, VolkerFitzpatrick will also carry out minor improvements to the roundabout on  Ively Road   and  Kennel Lane   .  These works will be complete by the end of February 2014.

While working on both roundabouts, VolkerFitzpatrick will maintain safe pedestrian and cyclist access at all times.

“The works on these two roundabouts are the second phase in a series of six road improvement schemes that we are obliged to carry out over the next year under the  Hartland   Park   planning permission,” says Paul Weston, senior vice president at Prologis.  “We realise that road works can be inconvenient, but we will make sure that they are completed quickly, safely and efficiently.”

For any additional questions regarding to the works, please contact VolkerFitzpatrick on 07899 795519.

29 Oct 2013

Clearing the Way:
Specialist contractor Brown and Mason is now completing the ninth month of its one year contract to demolish the redundant buildings at Hartland Park and to make the site safe for future development. Work is progressing well and the demolition contract is on track to be completed by early 2014.

17 Feb 2013

It All Begins:
As plans for the redevelopment of Hartland Park move forward, Prologis and PRUPIM have
appointed specialist contractor Brown and Mason to carry out a demolition programme across the site. The work will start on 18 February 20I3 and it will be completed by early 2OI4.

The Site:
The Hartland Park site, which was previously known as Pyestock, has planning permission for redevelopment as an employment park. The demolition programme is the first step towards the regeneration of the site. but it is also an essential safety measure.

Working with the Experts:
Brown and Mason is one of the leading decommissioning, demolition and asbestos removal contractors in the UK and Europe with completed projects that include the demolition of Chelsea Barracks and the decommissioning and demolition of 41 power stations. With this track record, Prologis and PRUPIM are confident that Brown and Mason bring the necessary level of experience and expertise to Hartland Paik. For further information on Brown and Mason visit the company's website at www.brownandmason.com  During the preliminary stages of work on the site, the developers have been working with a full team of consultants on areas
ranging from ecology. environmental and landscaping to noise, vibration and air quality. To ensure continuity, Brown and Mason is retaining the same consultancy team to monitor activity and provide expert. advice as the demolition programme progresses.

Considerate Neighbours:
To minimise any impact that the demolition programme could potentially have on people living near the site, Brown and Mason is putting in place the following measures


  • The demolition programme will be carried out progressively, starting at the North West end of the site. The first stage will be to dismantle external pipework. 

  • The proposed hours of work will be from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday inclusive 

  • No explosives will be used during the demolition process. 

  • Noise and vibration levels will be kept as low as possible within the practicable constraints of demolition work. The levels will be monitored and appropriate mitigation measures will be applied and reviewed as work progresses.

  • Dust will be controlled at source by a range of on-site systems. Dust levels will be monitored and mitigation measures will be assessed regularly.

Waste Management:

  • Brickwork and concrete from the demolished buildings will be processed and used to fill pits and other voids across the site.

  • Metal from the buildings and structures will be removed from site for re-cycling.

  • Other materials will be removed from site in the appropriate manner for safe disposal


  • Site traffic is not expected to have a noticeable impact on existing roads.

  • A trafiic management plan will be agreed with the local highway authority.

  • All HGV demolition site traffic will be directed to approach and leave the site
    using junction 4a of the M3.