Edenbrook Country Park


Edenbrook Park is a Suitable Alternate Natural Greenspace (SANG) and offers pleasant natural amenities. It is managed by Berkelely Homes group.

The site is placed at the back of the new Hart leisure centre in Hitchens Lane and has a variety of habitats including ponds, wetlands, sprawling meadows and woodland areas with 84 acres of leisure space.

A pond dipping platform and picnic area will provide a great place for families to relax.

The area is still under construction but will eventually provide a BMX track, cycleways, skate park, an allotment area, amphitheatre, many footpaths and walkways and a bird hide.

The video shows the area before many of the above facilities have been provided. It will be updated as and when the development takes place.


Bramshot Farm


12 March

Bramshot Park is designated as a Suitable Alternate Natural Greenspace (SANG) 

A car park is provided at the entrance. 

Three specimens of Britain's most endangered tree, a black popular, have been planted in the park. They grow to 30 metres tall with a dark brown bark that can take on a black appearance. They are noted for their value to wildlife.

19 Dec 2017

The first part of this project has now been completed. It was officially opened by Hart District chairman Gerry Crisp during a ceremony and walk attended by joint chief executive Patricia Hughes and other local councillors.

The site features two walking routes. Leaping Hare Loop provides a 1.3km surfaced pathway to allow for the use of wheelchairs and buggies around a beautiful wide open meadow with carved benches along the way.

The area also provides and retains the green gap between Fleet and Farnborough.

Councillor Crisp stated that this was very much a first step and it is hoped that the area would develop into a high quality green space.

20 Aug 2017

Hart District Council has started work on a new 33-hectare country park at Bramshot Farm between Fleet and Farnborough to help support Hartland Park a new 1,500 home development at the old Pyestock site.

The purchase of the site and the works to create the park has been funded by a loan of 5.3 million rec by the Council from the Enterprise M3 Local Partnership earlier this year.

The Country Park will provide a fantastic new facility for residents of both Hart and Rushmoor.

In addition to providing additional recreational open space and supporting facilities for local residents, the open space is needed to support the delivery of new homes in Hart and Rushmoor. Developers of new homes will make a contribution towards the Country Park which will repay the loan and ensure the continued maintenance of the Park.

Planning permission for use of the site for recreational purposes was granted in March with works starting on site in the last few weeks. The initial works will create a new circular walk and provide car parking and signage.

The Country Park is expected to open to the public in autumn 2017. The completed park will include play areas, picnic sites and toilet facilities.