12 Oct

Planning permission has now been granted for the aviation fuel pipeline that will run directly through Hampshire.

A Development Consent Order for the Esso pipeline, which will run from Southampton to London, was granted by Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary Alok Sharma on Wednesday 7 Oct



Esso is to replace 90Km of its aviation fuel pipeline which runs from Esso's Fawley refinary near Southampton to a terminal storage facility in Hounslow. The pipe line will keep around100 tankers off the road each day.

In June, the fuel giant announced ‘Option J’ as the preferred corridor for the replacement pipeline, which will broadly following its existing path through the Alton, Crondall and Church Crookham areas. 

Esso are now consulting on their preferred route. This will provide an opportunity for anyone who wishes to take part, to comment on the project.

The consultation includes:

  • The preferred route for the replacement pipeline

  • The location of permanent above ground infrastructure such as isolation valves, inspection stations and corrosion protection

  • A preliminary view on potential environmental impacts and proposed mitigation

Click here for a video of the preferred route

Click here for an interactive map of the prefered route

Click here for the consultation details

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