Crookham Mummers Play in 2018 in Crookham Village.

Times: The Exchequer Pub at Noon/The Spice Merchant at 12.45/The Crescent Green at 1.30/The Queens Head Pub at 2pm


Mummers' Plays are folk plays performed by troupes of amateur actors, traditionally all male, known as mummers or guisers (also by local names such as rhymers, pace-eggers, soulers, tipteerers and galoshins). 

It refers particularly to a play in which a number of characters are called on stage, two of whom engage in a combat, the loser being revived by a Doctor character.

This play is sometimes found associated with a sword dance though both also exist in Britain independently.

Mumming spread from the British Isles to a number of former British colonies. It is sometimes performed in the street but more usually during visits to houses and pubs. It is generally performed seasonally or annually, often at Christmas, Easter or on Plough Monday, more rarely on Hallowe'en or All Souls' Day, and often with a collection of money, in which the practice may be compared with other customs such as those of Halloween, Bonfire Night, wassailing, pace egging and first-footing at new year.

Although the term mummers has been in use since the middle ages no scripts or details survive from that era and the term may have been used loosely to describe performers of several different kinds. The earliest evidence of mummers' plays as they are known today is from the mid to late 18th century.

Mummers' plays should not be confused with the earlier mystery plays.