fleethants-Walks Around Fleet and Crookham

During the period of the lockdown I started to go for  daily walks in and around Fleet and Crookham. I soon began to realise that after over 30 years of living in Fleet I had no idea of how many wonderful local places were available to enjoy and be at one with nature. I decided to video these places and put the results on fleethants for all to enjoy and discover.  We will all have memories of this terrible period of time. These are mine which I shared with my son Matt whose music I have used for all the videos.


Aldershot Woods & the Wellington Statue

Bourley Lakes

Bramshot Farm Country Park

Canal Walk

Caesars Camp

Edenbrook Country Park

Elvetham Heath Nature Reserve

Farnham Park

Fleet Pond Woodland

 Hartley Wintney Central Commons

Minley Road Woods

Naishers Lane

Rowhill Nature Reserve

Southwood Country Park East and West


Southwood Woodland


Velmead Common

Yateley Common Country Park

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