If you are a Fleet or Crookham ex pat tell us where you are now living and a potted history of your life in Fleet/Crookham.

If you send emails relating to any of the following please copy to community@fleethants Thank you.

I'm not even sure that I qualify to be on the 'Fleet Ex-Pats' website - but I'm hoping you might be able to help me to find a family by the name of Hill who very kindly boarded me and my two sisters in their home during 1962/63 (I believe it was 64 Aldershot Road).  Sadly, we were stranded with no where to live and thankfully, we had the benefit of help from a Police Officer at the local Police Station in Fleet.
Although it is many moons ago, I clearly recall that there was Mr Hill (who worked very early hours as a Postman)  and Mrs Hill who kept house and took care of us and her three sons - Alan, Roland and Kenneth.  There was also another Son - whose name I can't recall (who had a butchers shop in either Hook or Hartley Wintney and at that time, Roland worked there).

This is a complete 'shot in the dark' - but I would love to re-connect with any of the family members who might remember us.

I appreciate any help you can give me and thank you in anticipation of a reply.

Kind regards.




I too am an ex pat and stumbled across the Fleet website and spotted your e mail, which triggered off all sorts of rather fond and funny memories, though I have to say, my memory was somewhat tested for some while.

I vaguely remember attending the little primary school about halfway down Reading Road South, with the little sweet shop opposite, where we could buy Pear Drop boiled sweets which were kept in a large glass jar. The sherbet fountain with a liquorice straw were a great favourite too. Miss Bracher taught us gardening and Henry Spearman was the PE master.......i do remember the move over to Courtmoor school, when it opened.... really grown up and exciting. Mr Spearman came with us and he and Len Culver and the hobbies master, Mr Wilson, ( i think) were favourites. Vincent Bach, the woodwork master was NOT a favourite. I believe the headmaster was Mr Fletcher.....a tall and a vrey gentle sort of person.

My only claim to fame at school, was that for reasons which escape me, i was base player ( tea chest, broom handle and string ) in a three piece skiffle group and "performed" Lonnie Donegans Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley, for which I believe we came third in the Hampshire Music Festival / contest ..... ahh, those heady days of fame !!!!! The guitarist and lead singer was a chap called Mick, i seem to recall.


At that time, which i guess was 1960, we lived on Galley Hill Road and my walk to school was along the Basingstoke canal, which was a great playground for young teenagers. Much canoing was done between Church Crookham, Crondal and Odiham...... funny how only the sunny days can be remembered.

The Byrns brothers ( I remember Ray ) gave me a job at 13 or 14, as a paper boy and my patch was around the Wyvern pub, down and around the Galley Hill Road area....... gosh, those newspapers were heavy !

Great memories of "Long Valley", which i think was a military tank testing ground, but, it was our desert, where we could get lost for hours on end. Happy days indeed.

I left in 1963 and joined the Royal Army Dental Corp, as apprentice soldier, based at Church Crookham, Queen Elizabeth Barracks, where i did my "basic training", before embarking on a dental career......but that's a long, long story !

My parents moved away..... I got into property, ( worked for Messenger May and Baverstock, estate agents in Fleet Road, for a while.... i think that they were taken over by Hamptons or some such corporate outfit ),married in 1969, lived in Camberley for a year before buying house in Yateley and then in 1972 bought a house in ...........Stanton Drive, Fleet, of all places !

After a couple of years we "dropped out" to do the Good Life bit in North Wales for a few years before buying a house in Holland Gardens, Fleet. My two children both went to Court Moor and my daughter still lives in Crookham.

I remarried and and have lived in SW London for the past 20 years.

Sadly, my memory has never been my strongest aspect, and i wish that i could remember the names of people and friends from that era.... however i remember that my very first girlfriend was called Glynis, i think that she lived just off Pondtail Road and the pop single of the day was Telstar by the Tornados. I do remember the first coffee bar to appear....192 Fleet Road.....complete with a juke box and we thought that we were sooooo cool going in there !

Jon......i see that you now live in Saumur..... a lovely place to be sure. Have spent many a happy hour sitting in the sunshine after lunch at La Pierre Chaude.... a favourite of ours, en route to Cordes sur Ciel, where we holiday.

Sad to say that I don't remember your name, but hey......its good to reminisce, isn't it ?


Jeremy Hewitt

mobile: 07702 564 363


Do you know Johnson McCoy?


My dear friend Ellen who lives in Clearwater Florida has asked me to help her find her friend Joanne Johnson McCoy who lives or lived in or around Fleet. The last communication Ellen received was a photo sent by Joanne of her and her grandson Ernest from 2013. She had 4 sons James, Matt, Ned and Rupert.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My kindest regards,

Hi need your help please , I’m trying to trace a friend I lost contact with 2 years ago , her name is Lisa Kent and lives in Fleet Hampshire, please can you help . I’m

 Adam from Pontefract West Yorkshire

email adambeddis@icloud.com

Can you help Kevin.

I am trying to find some history of a trials motorcyclist.

Do you have any contact details for Andy Bamford of motorcycle trials fame please ?

Or perhaps he might contact me?

Kevin Lay,
Mawgan Porth, Cornwall 01637 860013 Oe email as above.
Sent from my iPad

(fleethants note: You could try emailing North Hants Motorcycle Club. Andy was a recent treasurer at the club. They might be able to help. email is Lesley.Winstone@nos-solutions.co.uk .   Let me know how you get on.)

Hi Allan!
Long time no see as they say. I do hope you are well.
Upon re-reading my earlier mails, I ought to correct a link. It's in the letter that includes a photo of the nativity play and refers to Hampshire airfields. It should be  http://www.hampshireairfields.co.uk instead of daveg4otu.tripod.com......etc

I also failed to confirm to you in the mail from Julie Hooper (Parfett) when she asked if 'Alan Latham is related to Richard Latham'...(incorrect spelling of our name...Lathan). We corresponded at length but I failed to let you know. Just didn't want to leave the question hanging in the air.

I am in contact with many old friends through the facebook group 'Fleet in the 40's and 50's' which I guess you monitor.

Best wishes
Alan (Lathan)

(fleethants note: The entry lnk to http://daveg4otu.tripod.com/hancrash.html   has been altered on the original entry)


From Graham Mules:

Sent this letter to Julie Parfett, 

Dear Julie, My name is Graham Mules,I lived at 95 Albert street from 1946-1957.my grandmother was Mrs Somers,next door was Mr and Mrs Scott,who you used to visit. Also we both moved in similar circles during our teens.I went to Queen Mary,s school for boys in Basinstoke

I now live in Canada,

Wishing you well 

Tight Lines!


Also would like to contact old friends, Sandy Wells, Roger White, Tim Carrol, Malcolm Grace Bob Millard, Les Cox and others..

Graham Mules

Tight Lines!



I would like to post notification on your site advising of the Funeral for Jack James Grimshaw, 15th August 2017 in All Saints Church Mudeford Christchurch, Dorset. BH23 3HS. from 12.30pm

He was a prominent member of the community in Fleet.

associated with All Saints School, a Governor for Calthorpe Park School and stood as an independent Councilor for Hart District around 1973?. He retired to Christchurch in 1985 but may still be remembered in the Fleet/Crookham area, he passed suddenly on 28th July 2017.

Kind Regards

Lorraine George

I lived in Haig Lodge , Haig Lines during and after the war, from the age of 5 - 10. We had two lots of prisoners in the barracks between Tweezledown Road and Aldershot Road. We were told that the first lot were Russians. They were very friendly and used to make us carved wooden toys in exchange for cigarettes. When they left the next ones in were Italian. Again they made a fuss of us kids. They were used to do jobs outside the camp, I know for instance that some of them decorated the windows of the army Catholic church of Our Lady of Lourdes which was in Tweezledown Road. The camp was divided by the road which joined Tweezledown Road and Aldershot Road which the families used to get to the Army Post Office. The POWs used to crowd the fence lining the road just to look and chat if they got the opportunity.

Desmond O\'Connor 


Dear Sir/Madam
My mother, Molly Lauriston Grey, and her twin brother, George Brian Grey, were born at The Home, Kings Road, Fleet on 16 October 1916.  George, after whom I am named, was killed at sea near the Shetlands as the result of a U-boat attack in 1939.  The family apparently lived at “Lucerna”, Dunmow Hill.  My grandfather, George Edward Grey, was an Examiner of Aeroplanes (Electrical Engineer) at the date of their birth.  I assume at Farnborough.  I understand he may have been a Sapper in the Royal Engineers prior to that.  My grandmother was descended from the Jacobs who were senior military officers in the East India Company.  My uncle, Peter Guthrie Grey, younger brother of Molly and George, was a Captain in the Brigade of Gurkhas.  I can find nothing on The Home or Lucerna, nor on the Grey family in Fleet.  If anyone has any information on the family, I would be most grateful.
Brian Candler
Canberra, Australia



I attended Heatherside school and then Courtmoor until 1966 when I joined Solartron as an apprentice. I lived in Kings Road Fleet and then Holytrees in Church Crookham until I got married and moved to Westland Helicopters in Yeovil.

I remember the Courtmoor Youth club which was set up by Len Culver the Geography teacher and then taken over by the woodwork teacher Murry Hodgson who married the English teacher and they had a daughter named Joanna.

I was a junior youth leader and loved canoeing, rock climbing football etc..

I also remember our Sports teacher Henry Spearman, English teacher C.A. (Chamblin Andrews) and my friend, Keith Hooker, who played for Brentford for a short while.

One of my best memories is the Christmas gift run, which we did for 4 or 5 years charging £1.00: Parents would drop off a wrapped present and we would deliver it on Christmas morning dressed as Father Christmas. From memory at the height we had 3 sledges pulled behind cars. What a lovely memory.

I moved up to the Midlands in 1981 but now live in France in the Loire Valley near the beautiful Chateau town of Saumur.

My Dad worked at the NGTE (Pystock) and I can remember going to the sports and social club with him and playing snooker.

If anyone can remember me please do not in touch.

Jon A Fletcher jon@fletcer-corp.com 


Does anyone know where the nursing home used to be on Gally Hill Road, Church Crookham, Fleet? Also if there are any records of staff who worked there in the 1940's?
I am trying to put together a family history and believe a Anne (Sarah Anne) Hamilton worked there. She married and her surname then became Ormrod.

Hope someone can help.

Sharon Ormrod



I'm doing some family history on Edith Josephine Daniel (was Luxa briefly) who lived on kenilworth road, fleet, in 1938. She came over that year from India, she was 28. Do you know any websites or people I could contact to try find any of her relatives?

Thank you,



I Found this site through a school friend, I lived in Castle street near Heatherside Secondary Modern school, which I attended for three years.
I have read several e-mails from people I knew and wonder whether any one remembers me, Sue Tansley . I played on the school netball and rounders teams.
Would like to hear from any one who remembers me.
Thank you, Sue



I'm researching an ancestor of mine, Eustace Cranford, who was killed in WW1. He was born in Winchfield but moved to Fleet at a very early age. 

The family lived at 1 Fairlight, Victoria Road.

Does anyone if this house is still there? I'd love to see it.


Amanda B 


Delighted to find this site
I was born in Rochester Grove Fleet, attended Fleet C of E school , sadly pulled down now . Then on to Heather side secondary modern Played net ball and rounder's.
When I grew up in Fleet almost everyone knew each other even the children who attended St Nicholas and Arivadine schools

Worked at the telephone Exchange in Aldershot. I now live in North Dakota USA up by the border of Canad

Sylvia Rau Nee Mearing


I grew up the Church Crookham and Fleet area in the 50s and 60s. My father worked at the Gas Turbine Establishment and later Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough. We lived in Compton Road close to Crookham crossroads. I attended Crookham Infants School on Gally Hill Road with my elder brother Neil and younger brother Peter. We were all choir boys in Christ Church Choir under the organist and choir master Tom Grosch (known as Nuncs). To earn some pocket money, on Saturday mornings I used to mark the white chalk lines for Crookham Rovers at Abercorn Playing Fields opposite the Wyvern Pub. Later I attended Fleet Primary School on Reading Road South before passing the Eleven Plus exam and starting at Farnborough Grammar School. I did not excel here academically but being a keen member of the Combined Cadet Force under the PT master, Mr Thomas probably shaped my future career.

From my early teens, I owned a canvas covered wood framed canoe and explored the Basingstoke Canal with friends. We would cycle everywhere and always cycled to the end of the Farnborough runway to watch all those early fast jet aircraft fly low overhead at the annual Farnborough Air show. As young boys we explored the area around Tweezledown racecourse and the local military training areas. I spent a lot of time outdoors. We walked or cycled around with no worries or concerns. I joined the youth club that met on Fridays in a hut in the vicarage grounds opposite Christ Church. We held “discos” once a month or so! I remember enjoying Fleet annual carnival and the fair which came every year.

In 1971, I was accepted for entry to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst which was the start of a 27 year career in the Royal Hampshire Regiment. In 2000 I left the Army and migrated to Australia with my wife and two daughters and now live in Canberra.

Trevor Finklaire 



I'm John Neville, son of "Nev" and Lillian Neville and brother of Les Neville.

We lived in Fleet between the early 1950's and mid 80's. I moved out in 1972 to move to Croydon and then in 1974 to move to South Africa, we are still here.

From 1953 until about 1962 we lived in Alton Rd and then Albany Road. I went to Albert Rd Infants, Reading Rd Juniors and Courtmoor Secondary School. I went to cubs, Sea scouts and Venture Scouts.

My claim to fame (infamy) was trying to blow up Reading Rd bridge one Saturday morning in about 1962 using thunder-flashes found over the army training grounds. The timing was around the time of the fair ground being there. I think my co partners were Andy Bamford and another.(Phil Grace or Chris Vincent)

Love to hear from anybody about those times.



Having chanced across your website I wonder if my name resonates with other readers. Ernest Goddard, DOB 1941. Albert Street Junior & Heatherside Secondary (1952-56), lived with parents and elder sister in Westover Road. Church choir, All Saints.

Do feel free to get in touch.

Ernest Goddard.  


I have tried to contact Tessa on Fleet expats but am told she does not have a yahoo a/c is there any other way of contacting her, I used to live next door to her mum and dad in springwoods my name then Was Bubbles Gardiner or Mooneen which was my correct name the other is a nickname
regards Bubbles


I enjoyed looking at the slideshow of old photographs on the website and wondered if anyone can tell me more about the Cottage School? I have plenty of information about the Albert Street School as we have all the original log books but I am keen to find out exactly when a Church school in Fleet was established.
Thank you.

Alison Wyld
All Saints C.E. (A) Junior School
Lea Wood Road
GU51 5AJ

01252 615428

I am pleased to advise you that this morning a cousin of my friend Suzanne
got in touch with me. Thank you so much for your kind help. The expats
page really worked this time, great idea you all had.

(see Suzanne Wille below) 


I am a friend of Suzanne Jacqueline Edwards Conway who was born in Fleet on April 30th 1941. She has been a resident of Mexico for the last 48 years.

Suzanne passed away yesterday March 20th. after battling cancer for a few months. I have been a friend of hers since 1969. I promised her family here in Mexico to try and find family members of hers in England. Her brother's name is Adrian Edwards about 74 or 75 years old. There is a sister Marian and I believe a Mary Jo.

There is some connection to the surname of Newton too. Apparently Suzanne's mother adopted several children and I believe was married twice.

I know this is an unusual request but Suzanne's son and newly born granddaughter are interested in finding family members. Suzanne was asking continually for her brother Adrian in the last few weeks of her illness. It did not occur to me until today at her funeral to look for a Fleet Historical Society or similar.

If I am communicating in the totally wrong direction, I would most appreciate if you could let me know with whom I could get in contact.

I thank you in advance for any help you can give me. My name is also Suzanne.


Suzanne Wille


Is Alan Latham related to Richard Latham?

Last evening I happened to come across this web site. I loved reading the entries and even remembered some names. What a surprise to read that Judy and Keith Rundle were asking if anyone knew anything about me, Julie Parfett! I have sent an e-mail to them which I hope they will receive. The problem is I don't know how long ago their e-mail was sent, so they may have changed their e-mail address since then.

Unlike some of the contributors I still live in the UK. As Julie Pirie I moved from Fleet in1961 to Bristol, then in 1971 to South Gloucestershire. I then, after a divorce, moved to Bath and later became Julie Hooper. In 2005 when I retired we moved to Seaton in East Devon to fulfil my wish to live by the sea.

I left Aldershot High School when I was just 16 years old vowing I wouldn't ever have anything to do with education again. In my naivety I didn't appreciate what a good education I had received there! I went to work as a scientific assistant at the RAE at Farnborough and there I had to continue my education part-time until I was 18!!

The qualifications I got there enabled me to go to a teacher training college in Bristol when my son started school. I gained my teaching certificate and a job close to home in 1967. In 1979 I got a headship in South Gloucestershire. After 13 years I retired from that but as I still needed a challenge I did the training to become an OFSTED inspector. I then became a leader of OFSTED teams and inspected nearly 200 schools all over the country, from Cumbria to the Isles of Scilly and across to Norfolk and up to Durham. Amazing for someone who at 16 years old didn't want anything more to do with education!

Back to this website; is Alan Latham any relation to Richard Latham, my boyfriend, when I was 10 years old ?

Julie Hooper


Can anyone help Neil find 192 High Street, Fleet?

Dear Sir/Madam.

I am trying to trace an address from the 1911 census, the home of Robert Barker, my great-Grandfather.
The address is 192 High Street Fleet, in the parish of all saints, rural district of Hartney Whitney.
The house next door on the census 191 is shown a being on Middle Street, this does not seem to exist in modern fleet, although of course there is Upper Street!
Now I am aware there there is no High Street in fleet, my mother thinks it was on Clarence Road, the house being called 'Mona' the name of his grand-daughter. The name being built into the house's brickwork! We drove along Clarence Road yesterday but didn't see anything that looks promising.

High Street Hartney Whitney doesn't seem to have enough houses to go up to 192!

Sorry if I seem to ramble but this is puzzling me greatly!

I would me grateful for any help or hints you could give, or any directions you could give me.

Yours etc.

Neil Barker.

email neilb62@hotmail.com 

email from Fleet and Crookham Local History Group regarding "The Anchorage Home" see email below 

Dear Bernard Hudson
Thank you for your enquiry.
I attach a photo of The Anchorage with Captain and Sister Young, probably taken in the 1960s. The building has been demolished.
I also attach some details of this Church Army Home. I have not found any record of your great grandfather in our records or local directories, so he may not have lived in Fleet or Crookham before moving to the home.
Best wishes in your search for more information.
Phyl Ralton
Fleet and Crookham Local History Group

link to letter and photo


Can you help Bernard find "The Anchorage Home" in Reading Rd


I am trying to find out some information about my great grandfather, Archibald William Dewhurst who died in 1938 aged 69.

His death certificate shows that he died in The Anchorage Home, Reading Road, Church Crookham, Fleet.

I can find no reference to this place at all. Please does anyone know any information about it, where it was located and what it is now? In order to have been admitted to the Home would he have been living in the area? If so, how can I find where he was living? Would he have needed to pay to stay at The Anchorage? Is there any way of finding out how long he was resident?

So many questions, so few answers!

Thanks very much

Kind regards

Bernard Hudson


In January 2011 I promised to dig up a photo of the nativity play I took part in way way back, I guess it would have been in 1952 or '53. At long last I've been successful!
My three companions are, on the left (of the photo) Mr. Vincent, a near neighbour of Mr. Akerman (centre), and Mr. Carroll on the right, son-in-law of Goddard's, the builders. The location was in the grounds of Lobswood, on the corner of Wood Lane and Alton Road.

The Carrolls had three sons, Tim, Steve and Robert, and our gardens were connected by a wood in which we used to have a lot of fun (since built on of course).

For Mr. B. Chandler of Boston Lincs I hava a date and names of those involved in the plane crash on Tweseldown. I sent it to a friend who runs a very interesting website on Hampshire Aviation, and you'll find it on the 'front page'. I only sent it out of interest, but I see he has posted it, therefore you should be mentioned too. Here's the link: http://daveg4otu.tripod.com/hancrash.html                                                 click to enlarge>>>

Scrolling down to 11-6-50 you'll see a reference to a collision of two Spitfires. At the tender age of seven I was wandering down to the canal just after Sunday School when it occurred more or less above me. There were possibly six in loose formation, when one cut the other in two, the front fuselage coming down in a field in Aldershot road, and the tail ending up in the front garden of a house in Regent Street. I ran home to Kings Road screaming that 'the bombs were going to explode(!)', but went back with my brother a short while later, by which time a policemen had been posted at the gate of the field. From what I gather they were practising for a mock dogfight with aircraft from another squadron, an annual event at the time.

During school holidays we would often take pocket-money jobs with Fleet Council, such as refuse collection, or ditch clearing, etc. 'On the dustcarts' was a particularly odious job where you would tip the contents of the dustbin (no plastic bags in those days) into a tin bath which two of you then manhandled down to the road to heave it up and over into the open-sided Dennis dustcart. Then it was off to the tip (at the end of Alton Road I believe, or perhaps Calthorpe Park). Little did I know that I would be ordering new dustcarts from Dennis in my first job with the Council!

One year I was allotted ditch clearing duty together with the father of a school chum in a ditch down towards the canal and we were hard at it when my colleague suddenly disappeared in a swarm of wasps - he had chopped into a nest with his sickle! They were upset, and he was in distress. I started to brush them away with my gloves and we eventually got his shirt off which managed to contain most of them. He'd been stung quite badly (strangely enough I didn't get one sting!) when I remembered a household antidote. Attracting the attention of the lady in a nearby bungalow she fortunately had what I stammered for - an onion. She threw it down to me and I neatly sliced it in two with my own trusty sickle (not true!) and rubbed his poor old torso with it. She must have also called the ambulance which took him to Cambridge military hospital in Aldershot. Within a few days he was as right as rain.

That lady's bungalow had been built all those years later in the field that Spitfire came down in - isn't life full of coincidences!

And I'm happy to inform Judy of the Windmill House article that I have sourced a photo of Lady Crookshank and will retrieve it from my niece in Norfolk in due course.

Very best regards,


Church Crookham was our first home after our marriage in 1963. We lived in Compton Road when it was a little bumpy lane. Our four children were born there and by 1968 we needed more space. Our neighbours also made it clear we were too noisy!! So we moved to Pine Lodge, Pinewood Hill which was a beautiful family house with a delightful elderly neighbour Mrs. Parker who adored the kids and worried if they were too quiet.
After a lonely start so far away from family and childhood friends in London, I quickly got into a mother and baby support group which was linked with the National Childbirth Trust. I eventually became the group leader for the Fleet group and then trained as an NCT educator. I also worked as a freelance writer. My husband David worked in Marconi (and its various reincarnations) in Camberley which was the reason that we came to that area in the first place.
The Blumfield children all went to Fleet Infants and two of them then went to Heatherside until we moved to Haifa, Israel in 1974. My daughter went back to look at the infant school when she was a teenager and was most disappointed that it had been demolished. Those schools were really good, both in terms of the educational level and in inter-personal relationships. There was a feeling of community and continuity. When I registered Sara our youngest at Fleet Infants, Mrs. Grey the secretary sighed and said: "What, another little Blumfield."
I was on the PTA committee at Heatherside and enjoyed so much the small-town atmosphere of Fleet.
Although Fleet is not exactly on the tourist map, we loved Fleet Pond and on subsequent visits were pleased that it was more accessible as a nature reserve. We also used to take the kids and dogs for long walks in the surrounding forests and we felt that Fleet had everything going for young families.
We visit occasionally and always spend time with my old friends and neighbours. We are all grandparents now but we still have a lot of experiences to share. Although we only spent eleven years in Fleet, it is still home to me.

Wendy Blumfield

To contact Wendy email wendyb@netvision.net.il 

Do you know Wensley in Fleet?   

photo.JPG (173318 bytes)


I have a painting of Wensley, Fleet, painted in 1912 by Grandfather to
Alizon and I wondered if the property still existed? Do you know of a
propety called Wensley? I'm struggling to find it on any maps.

If you have a mobile number I could text an image to you? Perhaps you
might recognise it?

Many thanks from Elizabeth in North Yorkshire


I live in Wensley Drive. It is understood that this is where Wensley House used to stand. There are now three Houses on Wensley Drive. It would be great to see a copy of the painting. We appreciate if you could give my details to Elizabeth above.

kind regards,

Simon Hooker


I should be grateful if you would forward this to Elizabeth in North
Yorkshire who asked about a house called Wensley on Fleet ex-pats.

Fleet and Crookham Local History Group has local street directories and the
1950 edition of May's Directory shows Wensley occupied by A P Boone. The
directory and an undated plan show Wensley at the station end of Elvetham
Road, where Wensley Drive is now.

The Local History Group would love to have a copy of the painting by
Elizabeth's grandfather(?) for the Group archive, if she would send it to my
email or via www.fclhg.hampshire.org.uk

Many thanks

Phyl Ralton


I have just been looking at the fleethants.com website which is very interesting. Even though I no longer live in Fleet I have a great attachment for the town because I spent so many of my early years there when my parents moved to a house in King's Road in 1949 and then in 1952 my father was posted to Egypt and the family followed. In 1976 my parents decided to return to Fleet, buying a new house in Pinewood Hill, which later was sold in 1999.

I have a few photos of Old Fleet for you which I took of various shops and buildings before they became something else or the building was demolished. As an 8/9/10 year old in Egypt in 1952/53 one family game was to remember the names of all the shops in Fleet Road. I can still recall many of them now!

I am unable to send you the photos until next year because I am currently working in Thailand but I thought I would make contact anyway.

Best regards,

Alistair Gordon

More from Alan Lathan

10 Jan 2011

Somewhere I have a photo of a nativity play that was put on in the grounds of School Headmaster Taylor's house (possibly on the corner of Wood Lane and Elms Road). A stage was built of pine trees, and the Reverend Ronnie Wynne asked if I would take the only child part with a speaking role. At first I said I'd rather not, and he wouldn't speak to me for ages. Then I remember bumping into him in the school playground, and told him I'd do it, which pleased him no end. I was a peasant boy who got to say 'solace now and bliss in my heart come is' having been visited by the Angel Gabriel. My 'uncles' were played by a Mr. Carroll (son-in-law of Goddard's - the builders) and I believe a Mr. Vincent, who lived on Kings Road between Clarence and Connaught Road, next door to Akerman's the grocers, opposite Vincent's the butchers.
I'll see if I can dig it up and send it over.

Happy New Year!


6 Jan 2011

Through Facebook I have been able to trace an old friend who left Farnborough Grammar to join the Canadian Navy. Lynn Caple moved from there to the east coast of the USA where he has a catering business and 9 children! They lived on Elvetham Road.

His father was the electrician on 617 Squadron quoted as ‘Capable Caple’ in Guy Gibson’s Dambusters book.

Alan Lathan

Who is "Lady Perry"? - can you help Jessica

I wonder if you can help me. I have been researching my family history for over 6 years; I have found many fascinating stories and characters 

over the years and I am looking into the finer details too. 

My great great grandfather, Major Edwin Bedford Steel (1871-1914) went to war with the 20th Field Ambulance of the Royal Army Medical Corps 
in August 1914. In the preparations leading up to them setting off, they were at Redan Hill, Aldershot; amongst the organisation and prep, one of the 
interesting side details, is on two different days he rode to Fleet and called on a Lady Perry; he saw her on August 16th & on August 17th, when she 
gave him lunch. There is no other mention of her, as soon they were off to France, but I do wonder who exactly Lady Perry was, and I wonder if it's 
possible to find out more about who she was & her acquaintance with Major Steel & such like. 

I have tried googling ''Lady Perry'' & ''Fleet, Hampshire'' (etc,) but nothing has jumped out at me, as a clue or possible lead. I wonder if you or any local history 
enthusiasts may know who she was?

Any information or help would be most appreciated,

Yours sincerely, 

Jessica S. Fox

Nice to see that fleethants/expats is getting people together - keep the emails coming - webmaster

Hi All, Judys entry re Windmill House has triggered the grey matter, I think I did a Bob a Job at the house when in the scouts circa1955, what was the road, Church Rd ? Also Alan I have been in contact with your sister Susan by way of Friends reunited, my dad’s bothers had Vincents Butchers on the Clarence RD/Kings road intersection.  I used to work as butchers boy after school and Saturdays. Interested to read about Ginnys fathers accident, I do remember that, she married my mate Morrie Millard and moved to a small block {called it Vermor!} on the Alton Road !?  Whilst on line would like to thank Mike Carter for the scout hall info..thanks.  Great being between jobs/retired to visit memory lane!..   cheers Roger Vincent NZ  P.S Apologies to Roger Morgan and my extended senior moment memory loss but I do now remember you and Colin Field and The Fleet Hotel..happy days.

This is a reply to Alan Lathan's email click here to see Alan's original message 

In response to the article  below by Alan I am sending  you a notice about an event I am organising at Windmill House directly connected to the period you mention when Sir Sidney Crookshank was in residence. I am in a small way recreating the village community fete that used to be held there with dancing displays stalls, music, food and games on June 27th. Sorry about the short notice but I only just saw your entry today. I had a similar  one but without the musical entertainment and had 200 people including at least 5 past residents of the house. We put together a collage of articles and photographs (including an obituary of Major Gen Sir Sidney Crookshank) which I have in my possession. It is in aid of the local Hospice and I am asking Allan Gibson to give it front page treatment on the website perhaps even coming along himself??? I am just about the same age as you - 1945 vintage - and have been fascinated by the history of the house (first owned I understand by Prince  Louis Alexander of Battenberg, later 1st Marquess of Milford Haven after changing his name to Mountbatten). In the Crookshanks ownership it was used for girl guide camps, local history meetings, carol singing and I suspect much much more. Am leafleting all the people in the neighbourhood to give it a local feel. Am attaching my forward programme for you Allan to put on the events list but would be glad if you could highlight the 27th June Windmill House and garden event on the home page. Where can I get more info about the House?  Judy

Alan If you see this, email   community@fleethants.com  -  Webmaster

My name is Christine Wilson nee Harrison. I live in France and have spent the last few years researching my family tree.
I am trying to find members of my family who lived in Fleet. My uncle Henry Harrison and aunt Hazel lived in Frere Avenue and I believe my cousin Carol Ann Rowney and husband John lived in Folly Close. They had a son called Lincoln. I do not know if they are still living there or not. It would be nice to know what has happened to the family as I have not seen them since  Lincoln was a baby. Can you or your readers help me to find them? Any information would be appreciated. You can contact me by email: chriswilson51@msn.com
Thank you
Chris Wilson

Does anyone who worked at Graham Lawton in Fleet in 1966 remember me. My name is Dorothy Cloran and I originally came from Oldham in Lancashire.I would particularly like to get in touch with a Pamela Hall and her sister in law who was also called Pam. I lived in Church Crookham at that time as my husband Terry was in the Army stationed at Buller Barracks.
Mrs Dorothy Cloran

Any ex Crookham Ramblers players out there?

Hi,  I'm  a Church Crookham expat having lived there from 1957 until 1967-68.  I originally came from London but my stepfather moved to Crookham after retiring from the Army.  We lived in a new bungalow at the top of Pine Grove and after leaving Wandsworth Grammar School I followed him.  I played football for Crookham Ramblers in the hay days when they were winning everything and played with Ray Bryne whose family owned Bryne Brothers Newsagents on Crookham Crossroads.  Other names I remember from the football days are Pete Savage, Cyril West, Kenny Cooper, Wally Cliburn, Cyril Dudley, Fred Dudley,
John Rose, Dickie Upwood, Kevin Donegan, Denny Grinham, Dave Oakes, Trevor Moreton and the best man at my wedding Charlie Peters.  At this time I was just 17 and most of the other players were much older, but I am wondering if any one remembers me or my time spent in Crookham.  My other big mate was Charlie Cheeseman who had an elder brother Gordon. They both lived in Weldon Close.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows me from that time and my e-mail is sierracharlie806@hotmail.com .  I do know and am recently in touch with Alan Lathan whose sister Susan was my first wife .I currently live in Thailand.

Steve Coutts


Some time ago I left a message for Roger Vincent who had been asking
about the Scout Hut off Tavistock Road.  You asked me to let you know if
I did subsequently hear from Roger.  This is to let you know I have. 
Interestingly, I copied in  Peter de Lacey, Leader of one of the local
scout troops, who had also posted a comment.  He in turn has put me in
touch with Ray Oldham who was my scoutmaster back in 1963 or so. 
Amazingly, Ray is still involved with one of the local scout groups!


Mike Carter


You have an entry on the contacts page of your site:

Email from NZ to fleethants.com - can anyone help?
Hi, as an ex pat of Fleet Circa 1944 to 1968 and having searched the net from NZ for any news of "the old home town" and having found zilch your site was most welcome indeed. I wonder if any of your followers can fill me in on the history of the old scout hall which was situated down near the cricket ground where Tavistock Road is now situated. the last leaders were Eddie Shrimptn, Neville ? and Mallinson? Perhaps you may wish to start a remember when column or expat ramblings! horror.

Anyway thanks for the site Cheers Roger Vincent

But no means of contacting Roger.

That's my Scout HQ he's talking about; I'm Group Scout Leader of Fleet Sea Scouts that meet there. If you forward this to him, I'm sure he will be glad to hear what's been going on!

Peter de Lacey
Group Scout Leader
Fleet Sea Scouts


Is the E C Dixon on the Fleet Memorial Michele's fathers brother?

Could you please help

I'm trying to find out if the E C Dixon on the Fleet Momument is my Fathers brother ,My father has been researching his family history
for the last 30 years it would be nice to solve some of the mysteries
His full name was Edward Charles Dixon could you confirm this or
point me in the direction of the place that has this information

email Laurie.Greene@xtra.co.nz 

Look forward to hearing from you. I'm in NZ
Michele Greene

Searching for the widow of:

                  Mr David Jolly (Deceased)
                  Who died 13 June 2006, Guildford
                  Born 15 February 1956 (Corsham Wiltshire)

Please contact:
                  Sharon Tarry @ NPI
                  on 01733 476214

Can you help Penny

I was so interested to come across your history of Fleet.  I was only young when we lived there for a short time in 1953 when I was nine, but have some vivid memories of the coronation and a very hot summer and long walks in the country side with my brother and sister. I also remember walking to the railway station to take a train to London on a few occasions, and it was not that long a walk.  I wonder if anybody could help me with any information on the house we lived in.  My father was on leave from Burmah Shell in India, and we stayed I believe at St. Anne's in Elvetham Road.  It was owned by a Lady Reynolds  (who would walk around singing "How much is that Doggy in the Window - a big hit then!) and although I suppose we rented the house, it was definitely her home and she lived there at the same time.  It was a wonderful place with a fabulous garden.  Sadly, both my parents have died and now that I am wanting to write some notes for my children and theirs, I have nothing but my recollectionshich are very hazy in some areas after all these years.  I am quite sure it has either been demolished or is now used for something quite different, but should anyone have any idea, I'd love to hear.  After returning from India we lived in Chobham for a few years but then moved to Hertfordshire.  I eventually married and moved to the States where we now live in Dallas, Texas.  I do get back to the UK quite often, as still have many family and friends, and even after all these years (December 1972) England is still home, and where my soul is! Would appreciate hearing any info anyone might have.  
Regards to all,

Penny Oliver



Just a short note for your ex pats page .
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Julie Parfitt,she would have been born about 1940.+or-
Thank you ,Keith Rundle

For Roger Vincent (we don't know your email address)

I have some information about the old Scout Hut which I can pass to
Roger Vincent, but have no e-mail address for him.  Alternatively do I
just pass it to you for posting on the ex-pat page?

I should add that I am not really an ex-pat, only having managed to
migrate as far as Bedfordshire!


Mike Carter


Do you know anyone in this picture?

I have been searching possible websites to find any information on the
enclosed picture. I have just been looking through your archive photos and
wonder if, through your website you can identify the time, date, people or
anything to help.
I live in Boston Lincs now but spent the first fifty years of my life in
Reading, so I know the area but this picture was even before my time! I
think I may know the young person in the foreground but unfortunately he
died some years ago so I now need help from other quarters.
I will be very grateful for ANY information you may be able to find.
Many thanks anyway, Sincerely B CHANDLER

Aeroplane.jpg (1129345 bytes)    click on picture to enlarge

Rec from Julian regarding the above photo.

Hi, I was wondering if you had answered the question on the expats page from B CHANDLER.

I remember as a child sledging down the hill on his photo.

All the best


Can you help Evelyn?

I am trying to find Sandra (surname not known) who was a friend of Mr John Burns(Bronstein) "The Tie King" of Scarborough. this would have been in and around 1985.
I have been informed that she and/or her family reside in Fleet, Hampshire. If she or anyone reads this  could they please contact me via Email at  eveih123@yahoo.co.uk
Have a lovely day
             Evelyne Hayden

Can you help Brian?

I am compiling a family history.We lived at 5 Punjab Quarters in 1951 Can any body help with photos etc . BRIAN LEFLEY

Reply to brianwilliamlefley@yahoo.com 

Do you know Potteries Cottages?


I have been researching my family tree and found that my great uncle Henry May, who was in the Hampshire regiment lived here with his wife Kate.
Henry died in 1917 in the first world war and is included on the war memorial at Gally Hill road and Kate stayed in the area until her death in the 70's I believe.
I know they lived in Potteries cottages Reading Road in 1916 and wondered if anyone knew where these cottages were? As he is on Church Crookham memorial and not Fleet I presume it was somewhere on what is now Reading Road South.
Also his wife at the time of their marriage worked at The Priory again interested to know what and where this was.
Most of my family come from Dorset and Wiltshire Henry obviously came here because of his Regiment and Kate stayed. I was born in Mytchett but married a solider and moved around  a lot ending up settling in Church Crookham 12 years ago so quite excited to find I have a local connection.
Any information would be gratefully received contact me on my e-mail which is juleswarren@aol.com
Julie Warren

Does anyone know Fred Wilmot?

I was very interested in the articles displayed on your web site
I am studying genealogy on my ancestors who have been traced back to 1700 and were from the parish of Yateley
I was particularly interested in the article ‘ A thousand years of History,’ by Fred Wilmot mainly because my Grandfather 9 times removed was living in Fleet farm and was known as Thomas Reynolds of Fleet. It may be that Fred Wilmot is also related to me as Thomas Reynolds son also Thomas married Mary Wilmot in 1762 and her brother Richard Wilmot married Mary Reynolds a sister to Thomas in 1759 Both couples were married at Yateley and form part of my family tree.
If at all possible I would like to make contact with Fred Wilmot or anybody else that knows the history about Fleet. Be free to pass on my e-mail address

Yours truly

D H Reynolds

Reply to    david2611@btinternet.com


Can Anyone Help Pippa with the Fleet Swimming Club?

I read your historical part of the website with interest as I am endeavoring to find out more about Fleet Swimming Club (it later became Hart Swimming Club), in particular any pictures that might be around.  I wonder if you can help me?
I am looking from around the mid-1960's onwards and have already been in touch with Mrs Hilary Wigg who founded the school and also the Fleet & Crookham Historical Society, but not a lot remains for me to put a comprehensive information pack together.  I just wondered if there might be more information out there - even if not with you, perhaps you know who to forward me on to.
With many thanks -
Yours sincerely -

Pippa Anderson
07787 807 476

I don’t know if you can help. I’m trying to find out about the church in Fleet where my parents married in 1958. A year or so ago they visited Fleet again for the first time and were told the church had been demolished and replaced by another building.
I’m trying to purchase a picture (or a book containing a photo) of this church as a wedding anniversary gift. Unfortunately I don’t know the name and don’t want to ask my parents as it will spoil the surprise. Do you know anyone that might be able to help?
Thank you,
Helen Murphy

Note: The church was the old Baptist Church in The Avenue and a photo of the old church was sent to Helen, by the fleethants.com  webmaster, which her parents were delighted with.

1st email from Chris in Canada

Hi there,
Took a look at your website last night..very interesting. i lived in Church Crookham from 1965-82, and went to Heatherside and Court Moor.I now live in Ontario, Canada and run a small shop called The British Touch, see www.thebritishtouch.com
Chris Hodgson

Reply to my email

Hi Allan,
I do sell HP sauce and Marmite..but of course you can get it all over in your area. They are both not so common here. The shakespeare link is dead due to the Buisnees association  in limbo. I did get your email from the expats page. I lived in church crookham untill i was 22, and remember Court moor well. 
i used to live in Heron close, on what was then a new estate! I drove a Triumph 2000 when i left the UK, I will look out for your video, sounds like a good idea.
We are deep in snow here as we have been since dec, so i had better get my snowblower out again!


Can you help

Dear Sir or Madam
I went to the Eriva Dene School in Kent Road, Fleet - the headmaster was a Mr Stevens, but  apart from the mention on this site I haven't been able to find out anything else about the school.
The only thing I remember is that one year they didn't write me a school report because I hadn't done any work!! LOL
Do you have any information about the school, or photos, newspaper reports that kind of thing - or are you able to suggest somewhere else I could contact.
Many thanks, 

Paulette in New Zealand

email psnewsletters@paradise.net.nz 

Do you know Alan

I’ve been spending a pleasant hour or two reading all the articles in your excellent web site.

I was born in March 1943 in Reading Road South (opposite what became the filling station), although our home at the time was 23 Clarence Road, a bungalow built in 1936 behind which was our Grandad’s blacksmiths ‘shop’. He was Ernest Light, who had two sons and three daughters, and he was England’s champion farrier in 1923. Vera married Len Cane, whose family had a colonial store on the corner right opposite the Oatsheaf, commonly known as ‘Cane’s Corner’. Effie (Euphemia) did not marry but upon leaving school went to work for the Crookshank family at Windmill House, somewhere north of Fleet Road. Maj Gen Sir Sydney Crookshank had been aide-de-camp to Earl Haig (I guess during the Boer War), shared the same date of birth as King George V, and the house was full of memorabilia relevant to those connections. The well outside the back door had mounted over it the bell of the first ship to sail through the Suez Canal.

Dorothy married an aspiring RAMC lieutenant, Richard ‘Dick’, our Dad, and I can recall his odd weekend visits to Fleet from Woolwich where he was based (and where they nearly set up home – blimey, we’d have bin Londoners!). We’d always listen to Much Binding in the Marsh before he left to go back up ‘smoke’. If the electricity stopped we’d shove another shilling in the meter. The house we had moved to in Kings Road was rented from Goddards the builders. We didn’t have a phone or a fridge, and the ‘bog’ was outside next to the coalshed. Grandad had bought the family’s first b/w TV in 1952 for the funeral of King George VI. Things improved when Dad came out of the Army and we moved to Westover Road. Fleet Pond was our playground – a very happy time. I played cricket for Elvetham and Fleet II and football for Crookham Ramblers

Brother Richard and I both went to Farnborough Grammar, where on Fridays we dressed up as soldiers in the CCF (Combined Cadet Force). Dad saw to it that we brassoed our buttons and blankoed our belts and gaiters properly, but we still got ‘done’ on occasions for wearing non-regulation socks! Our ‘baby’ sister Susan went to work for The Aldershot & District Traction Company and later married. Sue lives in Ilmington, Warks. Richard did well with the General Accident and Norwich Union (but succumbed to leukemia all too soon after an early retirement in 1998), whereas I went to the FUDC in 1959 as a clerk in the Engineers & Surveyor’s department (Jackie Chivers was the E & S, followed by Tom Hough). My boss was Bill Rider, who eventually emigrated to Brisbane.

By then we had moved to Weldon Close near Crookham Crossroads. Through a buddy at FUDC I met Christa, a German nurse who was au-pair for a family of stockbrokers. Unable to support two thirsty mouths on our regular pub crawls, I had to get a job earning more dough, and a friend arranged for an interview with British Eagle at Heathrow Airport which company I joined in 1964. Christa had moved back to Frankfurt, and I applied for jobs there with various firms, one of which was interested, so I used cheap company tickets to attend an interview which proved successful, and to effect the move.  That US company, Jeppesen, a provider of aeronautical charts and data for airlines and pilots celebrated its 50th anniversary in Germany this year (2007) and I have been with them for 42. We started exhibiting at the Farnborough Air Show in 1976, and my last official visit there for the company was in 1996. I used to fly from Blackbushe with the Fleet vet Holland ‘Holly’ Birkett in his Auster, but he sadly died on a flight in France in 1963, a flight he had invited me on. I still correspond with Ginny Birkett, who was Carnival Queen runner-up in the mid-60’s.

I remarried and we have a son of 20, David, and daughter Selina, 14. Selina’s horse keeps us busy (and me destitute!), but of course, it’s in the blood, and I love it. I bowl (10 pin) and my average is 178 (not bad for an old’un!).

I’m in Friends Reunited, but  have not been a good correspondent (it will improve, Ian and Mel, I promise). My email is atb1943@googlemail.com and I’d love to hear from old friends.

Kindest regards,

Alan Lathan

To all who may help----THANKS
For some years i have owned a hillman car which has not turned a wheel for 25years.Now it is restoration time and i have discovered a  Retailers plaque fixed to the coachwork.As the bodywork is coachbuilt i wonder if it was built in Fleet!! or just sold there(perhaps to a local family).The car is a small hillman convertible black and cream ,I have no history whatsoever with the car following a fire in 1990.THE PLAQUE READS:_
Supplied by  F&J Maitre Station Garage FLEET HANTS  Telephone 113.
Any information on the garage or car would be more than greatfully received
Regards  Roger Key  (domiciled in Newark)


Can you help

I am trying to find reletaives of

Ordinary Seaman ANTHONY ELI AUGUSTUS TIMMONS P/JX 790864, H.M.S. Theseus, Royal Navy
who died age 19 on 20 July 1947 in a Aircraft crash in Port Phillip Bay Victoria Australia
Son of John and Mary Timmons, of Aldershot, Hampshire.

Anthony was born 4th Jan 1928
but I nothing else  about the family - I attend the 60th Anniversary Memoiral Service of the crash that killed Anthony
a plaques was laid after all these year
I hope there is still someone in Aldershot that may have remebered the Timmons' family - http://www.wgrice.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/timmons.htm
this site is deicated to Anthony - ex Crew Member William Grice came to Australa last month for the sevice
Hope you are able to help - I hope to find someone before what would have been Anthony's 80th birthday 4th Jan 2008
Regards Toni
Victoria Austrlia


Can you help


Very glad I found your site, I would like to add something to the "ex-
pats" link but not sure if this is the right email.

I lived at 33 Award Road with my younger sister Alison and my parents 
Bill and May Jones from the late 50's to about 1972. My father worked 
at Pyestock and I understand he was well known there. We moved to 
Leeds and a few months after we moved my father died. If anyone 
remembers my father (or any of us) I would be really please to hear 
from you. I'm now living in Bedford

Michael Jones

Can you help

Wonder if you can help me please?
In Sept 04 I lost a good friend, Bob Hunt who lived at 101, The Fairway, Southgate, London. We originally met some years ago as we both had a holiday home in Cromer, Norfolk. My wife and I attended Bob's funeral and met one of his children who lived with their partner in Fleet. I cannot remember whether it was his daughter or son. I understand that Bob had previously been married and divorced. At the time of his death Bob's partner was Susan Purcell who, in turn, tragically died earlier this year and at the time of her death had retained Bob's ashes. I have recently discovered that the ashes are now in the possession of a family friend in Mundesley, Norfolk and I have offered for him to try to find Bob's living family in order that they take possession of his ashes should they so wish.
Is it possible that you can help me in some way in finding Bob's family assuming they still live in the Fleet area. Any suggestions would be most welcome. You can contact me by email, of course, my telephone number is 0116 2416112,
my address 56 Sedgefield Drive, Thurnby, Leicester, LE7 9PS.
Keith Carr.

Can you help

I lived in Fleet from 1964 til around 1971, i was Tessa Sampson then , since then i have lived in Sheffield, Isle of wight, Wakefield and back to sunny Sheffield.

Sadly for me my Dad who was Tony Sampson died in 1970 , he died near to court moor School, I was then a pupil at Heatherside infant and Junior school, If anyone has any memories of my family please contact me at tina_hague@yahoo.co.uk thanks , i have very fond memories of Fleet and would love to hear from People , we went to Fleet Methodist Church and lived in  Springwoods.

Hi all in good old Fleet.
I have certainly enjoyed your site. My name is Eileen Pockett (nee Neville).  I was born in Fleet and myself, hubby John and four sons emigrated to Aussie in 1974. Hubbie & I live in Richmond, Tasmania (the little island below Melbourne). 3 sons live in Tassie and one lives in Cairns, Nth Queensland.
I attended Albert St infants school in the 50's, Heatherside primary and then Aldershot County High. Have been back to visit quite a few times to visit mum & dad (now both deceased) Unfortunately not able to do much travelling now as I have that ************* disease MS and it has left me pretty disabled. Keep up the great work with the site!
Regards, Eileen

Can you help

Keith Rundle and Judy Poulter were born and raised in Fleet. We married in 1959 and moved to the Norwich area where we still live. We both have relatives and friends in Fleet so visit fairly often ,Judy goes to the Odiham Grammar School reunions and we both attend the Fleet Primary School functions every year. For some time we have been searching for Terry Thomas  who lived in Fleet( Albert Street) during the late forties and early fifties. He worked at County Commercial Cars for a while before joining the R.A.F., National Service I suppose. He had a brother named Boyce and a sister( name unknown) who married an American and moved to the U.S.A. Terry later went to America to live with his sister. Does anyone have contact with him or have any idea of his whereabouts?

email k.jrundle@tiscali.co.uk 


             Thankyou   Judy and Keith Rundle

Email to Graham Slingo (see last letter below) from John Mears. Both live in Australia. 

Dear Graham,
                        Read your email on the Fleet web site.I was born in Fleet in 1930 migrated to Australia in 1957 Colin Slingo was my best man when i got married.We lived next door in Elvetham road Fleet. then both familys moved to Ch Crookham again next door his brother and sister still live in Fleet. Colin lives in Farnborough His Father Would have been born about 1898 played goal keeper for Fleet F.C in the 1930s he was also a Bricklayer by trade.I keep in contact with Colin so he might know some thing I do not know if there is any conectition with the family but who knows. I live in Geelong Victoria My email address is tobby30@ncable.net.au      Colin's fathers was Fred Slingo i was last in England in1997 for 3 months saw a lot of Colin and family who would be about 76yrs old. 

Its a small world regards John Mears.


From Australia

Hi Hampshire
This is by far one of the best sites for the area around Fleet which is of an interest to our family.
Our mother Doris Heathers and her sisters were born in Fleet and I believe the three girls were baptized in the church there.
I understand their address at the time was giving as "Lyndhurst" Clarence Road but I doubt if this exists now.
I wonder if the records could still be at the church.
Keep up the good work and I will sure to be back to this great site.
Robert from OZ

From Adelaide Australia

Hi, Nice to find your site I lived in Magnolia way 1970 to 76 then in Farnham for a year migrated to Adelaide Australia to join my family here.I still have a friend from Court moor school I keep in touch with and have happy teenage memories of Fleet Crondall and surrounding areas i miss lots of old friends and would love to know how John findlay and Steve Etherington and families are are.

Wendy Mallet

From a local author living in Market Harborough.

I spent my early years in the Solent area -- Portsmouth Gosport and Stubbington -- and moved to Crookham Village during my teenage.  This was the time when I had plenty to do but no money to do it.  I remember spending hours, late at night, waiting for the last train from Farnborough Station. Or the last bus from Aldershot, only to be told that the Number 9 wasn't running and I'd have to catch the 8 and walk from Fleet to Crookham. Usually in the rain. My girlfriend lived near Fleet Railway Station, so I got used to walking from there to Crookham.  Eventually, I got an old Austin Somerset which made things a little easier.  Anyway, things didn't work out with the girlfriend so I ran away to Portsmouth and joined the police.  There, I fell in love with the girl who made me tea in a petrol station on 3 Beat. I still had no money, so we spent our wedding night in The Oatsheaf at Fleet crossroads instead of a honeymoon.  Thirty years later, we run a second hand bookshop in Market Harborough and I write detective novels.  My wife is still waiting for the honeymoon.

If I can select a book -- try 'Fleet and Crookham A Pictorial History' by Stan Knight and others. It has a good mix of photographs.
Malcolm Noble

From Australia. Can anyone help?

I am so pleased to have found your site. Could you pass this on to your local history society.
My father and grandparents lived in Fleet for an unknown (to us) length of time, but from at least 1926 through WW2 (I think). My grandfather was Dr Edward Martin, his wife was Ethel and my father was (Cecil) John, who went up to Cambridge to do Medicine, worked at St Bartholomew's, on the Blue Funnel line (carrying pilgrims from Jeddah to Indonesia) and then served in the Royal Naval Reserve during the war. Dad also had two sisters Anne (who became Anne Granville) and Helen. I do remember my father saying that his father wanted to retire, but he had to keep practising during the war. He died during a locum in Megavissy in the late 40s, and my grandmother died in Oxford in the late 50s.
I have so little information, but if the Library has any old directories of Fleet, maybe someone could do a little research for me, and perhaps find an address where they lived. Their house was named 'Braithwaite'.
I would be so grateful if anyone can find any information to pass on to me and my siblings.
Thank you,
Elizabeth Howarth
Sydney, Australia

From the USA

The Harley Family actually came from Mottingham (near Eltham and Bromley)
with our parents migrating there from Deptford in the mid 30's.  Michael,
and family, finally ended up in Fleet many years ago and their two daughters
and son live in the area too.  My sister, Janice and I came to the states -
I live in Petaluma, California and Janice now lives in Florida after trying,
also, to live in Fleet - Her, and her husband, stuck it out for a couple of
years and decided it wasn't for them and moved to mid Florida to live.  Our
other brother, Jimmy, and his family, had settled in Orpington, Kent, but,
sadly he died several years ago.  So there are just the three of us now.  We
visit Michael every year - that's why I know Fleet so well. We had all been
together a couple of weeks ago in Florida visiting our sister who is not in
good health.

Lots of loverly memories of Fleet, Farnham, Guildford, etc., which keep me
going from year to year.  I'm about to retire and if I had my druthers
(where did that word originate?) I'd return to England and Fleet and settle
down. It's not possible I know - perhaps if I win the local California
lottery - ah! dreams.

Really appreciate your input.  I'll look at the ex-pats site.  Do you ever
look at the Telegraph Ex-Pats web site.  Very interesting on how people live
and work abroad and the stories they have to tell.  I've been putting some
notes together to develop a story for the site.

Keep well.

Muriel Truett

From Australia

Dear Sir, Madam

That I have occasion to write to you is to enquire if you have and Yeomans family in Fleet, as my Grandmother Amy Yeomans was said to come from there. In her later life she lived at western road Aldershot. I am currently trying to piece together a past or family history. I trust you will grant me the courtesy of a reply. Ron Walker.

                                      South Australia.

From New Zealand

Hi Allan

I was actually born in Woking, Sept 1940, that because my Father was at sea (RN) and my Mother decided to be where her parents lived for the birth.  They were at Bridge Stores before the war, but due to a shady business partner who did a runner with the money they had to sell , from which they never recovered financially.
I can remember a few things from the war like seeing a Doodlebug, the sky black with bombers going on daylight raids, being bundled under the stairs when a lone Jerry plane was circling around, hearing Jerry bombers following the railway up to London at nighttime, tanks being parked on a dried out Fleet Pond, Italian POW"s cleaning out ditches .  Highlights from those times were going to Fleet station in the darkness to meet Dad coming home on leave and the ensuing high tea to celebrate.
Avondale Road was the where I was raised, No 25, a great area as a boy, the pond just at the bottom of Wellington Avenue, happy days punting on home made rafts to Fir Tree Island and the Sandhills, often slinking home with wet clothes.
Infants and Primary schooling at Albert Street / Church Road schools.  Secondary schooling at Heatherside, always known locally as "The New School".  We thought it was the end having toilets indoors after having to cross the playground at Albert Street in all weathers.  My daughter Joanna actually went to Heatherside infants prior to us emigrating to OZ in 1982.
Upon leaving school I served a five year apprenticeship as a Fitter at the REME workshops in Aldershot followed by employment at FVRDE /MVEE at Chertsey. 
We now live in a suburb of Perth WA, Armadale. My wife Sue who was a hairdresser in Fleet is in command of the family home, I look after the maintenance of the bus fleet, my son James is a primary school teacher, a degree in Sport Science enables him to have a PE bias, Joanna is now a Mum herself.
A potted summary of the Morgon's.


I'm also an ex pat from Fleet, 1940 - 1982.  Have you got email address for Roger Vincent?  I read his 'opinion' note but there is no contact address.

Congrats on your site.

Roger Morgon

Roger V:  If you read this Roger M's email is RMorgon@pta.wa.gov.au (fleethants.com)

Roger Vincents email is wodger@slingshot.co.nz (fleethants.com)

Email from NZ to fleethants.com - can anyone help?

Hi, as an  ex pat of Fleet Circa 1944  to 1968 and having searched the net from NZ for any news of  "the old home town" and having found zilch your site was most welcome indeed.     I wonder if any of your followers can fill me in on the history of the old scout hall which was situated down near the cricket ground where Tavistock Road is now situated. the last leaders were Eddie Shrimptn, Neville ? and Mallinson?   Perhaps you may wish to start a remember when column or expat ramblings!  horror.

                                                             Anyway thanks for the site   Cheers Roger Vincent email wodger@slingshot.co.nz 

Great site!
I live near Brisbane Queensland, Australia. 
Can any one help me discover any thing about the Slingo families living in the area from 1700-1901.
In the 1881 census eight Slingo family's lived in your area, but the name is rare. George Slingo born 1851, had a greengrocers at Crookham in 1901, Elizabeth Slingo born aprox. 1826, had a greengrocers at Church Crookham.
I think this is his mother, but have no proof. if so there was at least four generations of George Slingo's living at Crondall in 1881.
George born 1799, at Crondall, father of.
George born 1825, at Southampton.Husband of Elizabeth.
George born 1851 at Southampton, father of.
George Born 1877 at Stains.
Other George's were in the area also.

Graham Slingo gslingo@dodo.com.au