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26/03/07: New Planning Application arrives as we celebrate being one year old and growing fast!

 The Latest News on the Pyestock Horror:  

26/03/07: New Planning Application arrives in time for the Easter Holidays!

We have been informed that the new application for a 1.3m sq ft mega depot has just arrived at Hart Planning. We will shortly get access to the detailed information and will advise you accordingly.

Please check this website regularly for further updates and the new planning application case number. We will also be revealing additional new significant information.

Our main concern is the irreversible impact of a massive 24 x 7 mega depot development too close to residential areas with an already over stressed local infrastructure. Our area is already suffering and there are other major developments in the pipeline.

26/03/07: One year old and several thousand times stronger!

We are celebrating our first year with the fact that People Power does work. SPLAT’s achievements include:

  • Over 2,500 formal objections – a new record for Hart!!


  • Valuable publicity through National newspapers and magazines, TV News, local press and radio
  • Support of local and senior Politicians and local dignitaries
  • Encouraging the Council to delay their decision and scrutinise Prudential’s plans for the massive 24 x 7 mega depot
  • Uncovering one of Britain’s biggest building and forcing Prudential to ‘limit’ the largest shed to 860,000 sq ft (33% larger than their submitted planning application)! 

  • Challenging Prudential’s misleading planning application and public statements.
  • Forcing the Prudential to submit a new application
  • Trade Press acknowledgement as a serious opponent by raising awareness and galvanising public opinion. Public opinion is a material issue and it has stopped inappropriate development in other areas.


Our group continues to expand and additional support is always welcome, contact us via email by clicking our (anti-spam) icon:


17/02/07: Recent planning amendments rejected!

Hart Planning has rejected the Pru’s recent amendments! Instead, they have requested the Pru to submit a new planning application.

This is great news as the information we have discovered will be considered as part of the new plan!

Here is a 24 x 7 mega depot of a similar size to the Pru’s recent amendments:

Think of the impact a development of this size would cause if inappropriately located at Pyestock!

Is this the type of 24 x 7 development that should be located close to residential areas, single carriageway roads, existing traffic congestion, etc?

The answer is NO according to over 2,500 local residents and workers! Also, the location would be in direct conflict with Industry Experts recommendations (we have the report to prove it) as well as National, Regional and Local policies!

25/11/06: An unprecedented 2,500 objections, MISTRUST and the revised plan is due soon

We would like to thank all of the 2,500 people who have formally objected to the Pyestock Mega Depot. It is an unprecedented number of objections received by Hart Council for any development and difficult for Hart’s elected Councillors to ignore.

Pyestock is well screened by mature woodland, a view from Ively Road

We expect the ‘straight talking’ Pru will shortly submit a new plan. Once the new plan arrives, we will advise you of what to do. However, in the meantime it is worth summarising a few points:

         Massive over development

         Impact on local highway beneficial – we don’t think so

         Strategic gap will be maintained – we don’t think so

         Twenty four hrs/day x 7 days/week operation

         Residential areas are too close

         Understated Environmental Statement

         Sunday Times announces Britain’s Biggest Building

         Tesco reported to blight our lives

To read the full article click here

Developer in a pickle over Hart’s Quality of Life No.2 position

Read how Hart is number 2 in a national Quality of Life survey, House price and the hazards of mega sheds click here

Current air pollution may lead to 50mph speed limit at M3 Motorway between junction 4 and 4A  

What will be the impact of a 24 x 7 HGV generating Mega Depot? click here

The ugly duckling continues as Astral’s Chairman ‘Cutts’ out the key issues
... Mr. Cutts, would you accept this Mega Depot close to your home? click here
The ugly duckling?
         ...A study issued in May 2006 shows that over half of South East England Councils are restricting logistics developments, mainly because of 24 hour operations and traffic generation concerns! click here

Study ordered into impact of giant warehouse recently reported:

“Hart District Council has postponed a decision on a plan for a 1.6m square foot warehouse complex at Farnborough following widespread local opposition to the joint-venture by Prudential and Astral Developments.

The council is commissioning an independent report into the impact of the planned warehouse and distribution store while the developers continue to discuss details with the planning authority.”  

Short introduction to the Pyestock Horror click here

Pyestock HGV traffic figures don’t add up and the 860,000 sq ft can accommodate 200 loading bays click here

100 loading bays on each side of an 860,000 sq ft mega shed

Farnborough weekend flight increase rejected and how it helps stop the Pyestock Horror click here 

 The ‘straight talking’ Pru’s misleading Press Release and Exhibition, including BBC News coverage click here

The Daily Telegraph: the Pru’s plot on the landscape (see "in the news" page)

The Sunday Times covers Britain’s Biggest Building - a shed (see "in the news" page)

 The ‘straight talking’ Pru’s agent denies considering Britain’s Biggest Building – but we have the details click here

Senior MP backs campaign and local MPs and County Councillor object (see "in the news" page) 

Check out the various links at the top of the page for more information

Help stop the Pyestock Horror:


Are you are concerned about the implications of a 24 hours per day x 7 days per week mega depot

·         Still to object? Then consider this  

·         Objecting is quick and easy and helps stop the 24 x 7 Mega Depot  

·         Thank you to those responsible for the first 1,300 objections

·         The next steps after objecting

If you would like to help the growing residents group then please 

click icon to email





  "The Pyestock Horror is our name for a current planning application to develop a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week massive 1,500,000 sq ft warehousing and distribution centre between Farnborough and Fleet. We are a group of concerned residents determined to stop this mega blot on the landscape and the impact to our area. Known as a mega depot (or mega shed), they are normally located well away from residential areas on locations without existing infrastructure and traffic congestion issues.  

Click on the background link at the top of this page to read further details, including how to object and ensure others are made aware as all objections count.

Please check the website regularly as our research is continuously finding new information on the concerning details of this type of gross over development."



Please click here to read this [useful link] on neighbouring Rushmoor Council's concerns from April 2005. 

Note: This is an adobe pdf file. If you can't open please click here  to download "adobe reader" software. 

The overwhelming amount of concerned residents who attended the 8 Feb Planning Meeting forced an adjournment of the Outline Planning application decision ('after their misleading Exhibition in June..' - keep checking this website for updates). Whilst this is a great first step for us, we are not complacent and now require to rapidly develop a fully structured campaign.

Additional Support

We are developing a range of activities as part of the campaign. If you can provide your support and expertise please let us know

Initially please discuss the Pyestock Horror with your neighbours, friends, fellow workers, etc. and ask them to formally object. Also ensure your local (elected representative) councillor, planning committee members are aware of your concerns.
Click here for contact details

The support currently being sought includes assistance with the production and delivery of flyers, residential area representatives, professionals and people with relevant experience.

The next support would be from everyone to attend the pending Planning Meeting. We will give more information at the time.

If you can help then click on icon to email

click here for background information

There are many other developments being progressed in our area which if combined with the proposed 24 x 7 Pyestock Horror mega-depot (1,500,000 sq ft, 21 football pitches worth of floor space!) means we are being developed to death. Consider the impact to your quality of life and the amenity of our area if we do not stop this gross over development going ahead.

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